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Wedding Etiquette Tips You Should Follow (And a Few You Can Forget)

Bride and Bridesmaid walking down the street

Let’s face it, there are a lot of rules when it comes to getting married. You should do this, you shouldn’t do this…but as weddings and couples continue to evolve and change, some of those rules are changing, too. While there are tried and true wedding etiquette tips you should definitely follow, there are some […]

Choosing a Wedding Theme

Beach wedding

When you close your eyes and envision your wedding day, what do you see? What is the mood and setting of the room? Does your atmosphere give your guests the experience you’ve always imagined? Your wedding theme is the foundation of every detail in your planning—it sets the stage for your big day and all […]

Classic Blue: Using the Color of the Year in Your Wedding

Bridesmaids wearing blue

In 2020, “something blue” is taking on a whole new meaning for weddings. For more than two decades, the Pantone Color Institute has named its color of the year by using trained designers and industry experts to comb through color trends around the world. The color is meant to serve as a symbol of the […]

Tips for Working With Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding couple walking through field

Ansel Adams once said, “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” The sentiment is a nice one, but there should probably be a few guidelines when it comes to working with your wedding photographer.  To make sure the moments that matter on your wedding day are captured, we’ve got a […]

All About Flower Girls

Flower girls walking

Adding little ones to a wedding ceremony can add a level of adorable to even the cutest couple’s wedding. Having a flower girl and ring bearer in your wedding party is a great way to include your littlest family members or friends in your big day.  Flower girls can be a super sweet addition to […]

Choosing the Perfect Veil

bride adjusting wedding hair

Despite their beautiful, intricate designs and popularity today, wedding veils have a history that stems far beyond a fashion statement. They are the oldest part of the bridal ensemble, dating back to ancient Rome when brides were wrapped head-to-toe to represent the delivery of a modest and untouched maiden. They were also meant to hide […]

Six Tips to Find Your Zen During Wedding Planning

Happy young couple in the park relaxing after the picnic

There’s no beating around the bush, wedding planning can be stressful! Even though it’s supposed to one of the happiest and most romantic days of your life, the days leading up to it, with all the planning and the spending and the running around and the decision-making and the family-pleasing, can be extremely overwhelming. You […]