The wedding day has come and gone.  What are your plans for your wedding dress?  Whether you plan to save it for future generations, donate it, or sell it, the gown must be handled properly after the wedding day to keep it in the best possible condition.  Here are our top tips for taking care of your gown after the wedding day:


When you take your gown off the night of your wedding, hang it up and allow it to air dry.  This will allow for sweat, body oil, and dirt to settle.  Once the gown is dried, it can be put into a black breathable garment bag, which will allow air to move freely.  Be sure to avoid plastic bags, which can set stains and cause the formation of new ones as well.


Plan to clean and preserve your dress immediately so stains do not set.  If you are heading to your honeymoon, we recommend asking a friend to drop your gown off for cleaning.  It is important to clean your gown through a company that specializes in bridal.  Most dry cleaners are not set up for bridal gowns and could potentially cause harm to your dress.  We recommend working with your bridal salon, as any reputable bridal salon should have the perfect recommendations for cleaning and preservation.  For example, at The Dress Shop, our cleaning and preservation services also include minor repairs as well.



Once your gown is cleaned, ensure it is stored properly, in a cool, dry location free of pets and pests to avoid stains and mold to your dress.


We love that after the big day, the wedding dress and all of the memories still remain.  Take proper care of your wedding dress and you will have it for generations to come.