Your wedding day is finally here!  We know how excited you are and how long you have waited for this day.  Only hours remain until you are walking down the aisle to your forever partner.  On this most important day of days, are at an all-time high, meaning you may forget something important. So before the big day, don’t forget to check our list of Top 10 Wedding Day Essentials.

1 | A Favorite Robe
The morning of your wedding is a fun, exciting time – brunch with friends, hair, makeup, and pampering.  Don’t forget a robe!  Whether you bring an old favorite (comfy, broken in, and familiar) or something brand new (white, sparkly, and photo-worthy), a robe will come in handy while getting your hair and makeup done, and be perfect for lounging around and relaxing.

2 | Hello H20
Stay hydrated!  Keep a water bottle near you at all times, and ask a friend to remind you to take drinks regularly.  It’s a good idea to ensure you have drank at least two water bottles before the ceremony.

3 | Stain Remover Pads
Let’s face it.  Life happens, and so do spills and stains.  Whether you are taking photos on the beach, in the grass, or standing against a brick wall, there are plenty of opportunities for stains on the wedding day.  Keep stain remover pads close by to avoid wedding day disasters.

4 | Clear Nail Polish
This life hack is also the perfect wedding hack.  Clear nail polish is perfect for touching up a chipped nail but can also be a quick fix for runs in tights and nylons or gluing on buttons that are about to pop off.

5 | Powder Foundation
Bring a finishing powder with you for minor touch-ups throughout the day.  Your wedding day is long; you want to be able to retouch your makeup as needed.  Additionally, the powder will avoid any oily skin mishaps (for you and the groom) and give you both a clean polished look!

6 | Bobby pins and Hair Ties
Your 9 am updo may not look quite as fresh at 9 pm.  Be sure to bring extra hair ties and bobby pins to refresh your hair as needed.

7 | Band-Aids
Besides the obvious use of band-aids for minor injuries, these are also extremely useful for blisters on the back of your heels from your wedding shoes.  (PRO-TIP: Break in your wedding shoes a week before the big day by wearing them around the house as often as possible).

8 | Eye Drops
From crying to wind blowing in your face, there are so many reasons why dry eyes could occur on your wedding day.  Be prepared with eye drops on hand.

9 | Deodorant
From wedding day jitters to hours on your feet to late-night dancing, sweating is an inevitable and very real part of your wedding day.  Be prepared and bring a really good deodorant – ensure that it is clear and non-staining to avoid any embarrassing mishaps when hugging guests.

10 | A Positive Attitude
So much planning went into your wedding day, and you have imagined every single detail. But on the day of, remember to just go with the flow. You have a whole team of people supporting you and your partner. Mishaps may happen and everything may not go absolutely as planned, but it’s important to keep focused on the reason for the day: marrying your best friend and celebrating with loved ones. And with that in mind, nothing can go wrong.