Yes ladies, every bride is a type. Don’t take offense to this – it simply makes the approach from your bridal stylist, planner, venue, tent person, florist, and caterer a bit easier. Once we establish this, we can determine the correct amount of support and constructive guidance you will need. And let me be clear, there is no ‘right or wrong’ type. All brides are equally filled with magic, creativity, and charm, and it is an honor to be able to help make your vision come to life.

1. The perfectionist

Step aside, wedding planner! You have drawn up spreadsheet after spreadsheet to ensure your big day goes smoothly. You’ve downloaded all the wedding planning apps, carry your wedding planning binder with you 24/7, and have all of your vendor contacts on speed dial! There is not one intricate detail of your wedding that has been left untouched. From the exact font on the place cards to the pre-dinner music that your string quartet will play, every aspect of your day has been carefully thought out and coordinated. We love the perfectionist but remember not to get too caught up in the details and enjoy your wedding!

2. The worrier

Ever the pessimist. The glass is always half empty in your world. Regarding your wedding day, you have thought about every possible scenario and have a multitude of plan Bs up your gauntlet sleeve. Every bride experiences the pre-wedding day jitters hoping that everything goes off without a hitch. The worrier bride, however, spends countless hours thinking about the “what ifs,” and yours takes the cake (no pun intended). You have planned and prepared for every possible situation from wardrobe malfunctions to the DJ forgetting to show up. You’ve got it all covered, girl! So, when the big day arrives be sure to take a dose of “Relax Remedy” and enjoy your special day!

3. The party queen

Would you have it any other way? After all, your wedding is just one big celebration and party, isn’t it? This is the one moment you have been waiting for to let your hair down, bustle that train up, and drop it low on the dance floor like no one’s watching! Your big day is full of celebratory antics! Your wedding planning style will embrace “Go big or go home.” It will encompass lots of champagne and your goal is to make sure that everyone has a blast and will be comparing your party to any other wedding that dares to rival yours!

4. The people-pleaser

If you could find a job making people happy for a living, you would take it. Wedding planning by itself means inviting a lot of unsolicited opinions into your life. From picking out your dress to which relative gets to sit next to Crazy Uncle Eddie…everyone has an opinion. When you add in a compulsive need to keep everyone happy it can send you into a downward spiral….and fast!

Keeping everyone happy is what you do best but at your wedding, remember it’s about you and your partner…and no one else.

5. The serial spender

You have given new meaning to the term “Girl Math!” Remember that wedding budget you and your fiancée created? Well, that went out the window the day you got engaged! You are spending cash left, right, and center. You want “all the things!” You are completely oblivious to the stack of receipts piling up on your kitchen counter. Don’t beat yourself up because you’re hardly the first bride to ever do so. According to a study by the Knot, 56% of couples spent more than they planned by an average of $7,900. The truth is: If you don’t have a budget in place, you will overspend!

6. The emotional wreck

Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Every time you think of your wedding you start to tear up. For better or worse (pun intended) you cry at everything. Whether you teared up when you said yes to your dress or the waterworks began when your florist backed out at the last minute, you can’t help but blubber at any given moment. Keeping Kleenex in business is your M.O. and when you are wedding planning, you don’t leave home without the tissues! When the big day arrives, take a deep breath and try to enjoy the moment. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you…and wear waterproof mascara!

7. The romantic bride

Let’s face it, you’ve been dreaming about your wedding day since you were ten years old. Inspired by years of weddings and endless princess movies, you want your day to be filled with love, devotion, and happiness. With Cinderella as your idol, you dream of being the belle of the ball for just one day. From the flowers to the venue to the vows and the dress, this day matters more to you than others. You are on a mission to create your fairytale and happy ever after.

8. The bridezilla

We’ve all heard the stories of the Bridezilla and we think it will never happen to us. As soon as the ring is popped on your finger, the stress-fest known as wedding planning begins. Unfortunately, the dreaded bridezilla lives in all of us, and it can take only one short nerve to unleash the beast. You stress about every little detail of your wedding, needing control over each decision. You frequently fight with friends and family; your bridal party is MIA and all of your vendors let your phone calls go to voicemail. To prevent yourself from becoming a fire-breathing Bridezilla, ditch your diva demands at the door, try to keep your mood swings on lockdown, and enjoy the ride!