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Seven Tips To Stay Stress-Free While Wedding Planning

Couple laying in grass with the man kissing the woman's forehead.

Planning for the day you have always dreamed of can be beyond stressful. Whether you are dealing with a groom who isn’t helping with the planning, a Mother-Law who wants to change the seating chart, or you are just a stressed out bride trying to make decisions on a budget, it is important your mental […]

Wedding Emergencies

Bride and Groom holding hands.

All brides plan on having the perfect wedding: every detail flawless and going as planned, all without any hiccups. Sounds pretty ideal, right? Yes, but unfortunately it’s not always the case!

5 Modern Twists on Wedding Traditions and Etiquette

Wedding Traditions | Crystal Gardens Banquet Center

Wedding etiquette is tricky these days, as modern times have put a major twist on a lot of age-old wedding traditions. There are new traditions that never existed before, and old ones that have been modified over the years. With all these changes to traditions, it can be hard to know the true meaning of […]

7 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue | Crystal Gardens Banquet Center

When it comes to your big day, the place you celebrate is one of the most important details. Choosing the right venue for your wedding sets the atmosphere for the whole celebration, so you want to choose wisely. Here are the seven questions you should ask when you’re on the hunt for your dream wedding […]