Prepare for your Wedding
Apr 24 2024

Prepare For Your Big Day

It’s almost here – the day you’ve dreamed about your entire life: your wedding day!  The dress is ready, the RSVPs have been received, and the big day is almost here. ...
Bride holding bouquet
Apr 01 2024

Which Type of Bride Are You?

Yes ladies, every bride is a type. Don’t take offense to this – it simply makes the approach from your bridal stylist, planner, venue, tent person, florist,...
Parents with their children getting married
Mar 27 2024

Your Child is Getting Married: What Should You Wear?

The day you have dreamed about has come: your son or daughter is getting married. In the flurry of activities – dress and tux shopping, shower planning, cake tasting,...
sewing machine up close
Mar 18 2024

Alterations Are Everything

You’ve just dropped a pretty penny on your dream dress and now you’re wondering if you’ll need alterations. The short answer is…YES! Unless she...
groom and bride kissing under vail
Mar 05 2024

Prepare For Your Big Day

The day you’ve dreamed about your entire life: your wedding day! The dress is ready, the RSVPs have been received, and the big day is almost here. What are you...
close up of the neckline of someone wearing a dress
Feb 20 2024

Top 10 Wedding Day Essentials for the Bride

Your wedding day is finally here!  We know how excited you are and how long you have waited for this day.  Only hours remain until you are walking down the aisle to...
Aug 23 2023

Choosing Your Wedding Venue: Indoor, Outdoor & the Best of Both Worlds

The experience of planning your wedding is filled with endless decisions: veil or no veil? Grey tux or black? Cake or cupcakes? DJ or band? The list goes on and on! But...
Jul 17 2023

The Perfect Match: Choosing Vendors for Your Dream Wedding

Planning a wedding is an exhilarating journey…filled with countless choices, decisions, and questions! What date will you choose? Where will you host your ceremony? Who...
Jun 19 2023

Beauty, Blooms, and Celebrations | Quarterly Update

Summer - and wedding season! - is in full swing, and we couldn’t be happier! As the sun shines brightly and the scent of blooming flowers fills the air, we’re taking a...
May 22 2023

You’re Engaged! Now What? A Step-By-Step Guide to What Comes Next

Congratulations on your engagement! This is an exciting time in your life, and the next few months will be filled with a lot of planning and preparation. With the help...

Summer Wedding Trends We Love

Summer is one of the most popular times of year for weddings - and for good reason! As flowers bloom, the sun shines, and skies turn from winter grey to bright blue, this beautiful season is a top choice for many couples.  So how can you make your special day stand...

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