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5 Tips for a Simply Romantic Wedding

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With all the hype around weddings, sometimes it’s hard to remember that they are supposed to be romantic affairs meant to highlight the love between two people who are ready to make a lifelong commitment to each other.  If you’re not into themes, elaborate decorations, or big fancy weddings — but still want a day […]

Looking Ahead at 2020 Wedding Trends

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If you’re planning a wedding for 2020, you’re probably scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest in search of styles and ideas that aren’t “so last year.” To save you some time, we created a quick list of up-and-coming wedding trends to use as a starting point for inspiration. Untraditional dress styles A continuing trend in 2020 […]

Help Your Guests Beat The Heat During Your Summer Wedding

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How to Help Your Guests Beat the Heat During Your Summer Wedding Summer is the most popular time for a wedding. Longer days, less unpredictable weather, warmer temperatures, and lush landscapes make it an ideal time for an outdoor ceremony, reception, or both. But those same perks can also work against you when the temperatures […]

Why an At-Home Wedding May NOT Save You Money

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For some couples, a sweet, backyard wedding can seem like the perfect way to celebrate their love, while keeping costs low and the celebration simple. They picture a childhood home as the backdrop of pictures, personal touches throughout, and a smaller bill without the cost of a fancy venue. But this idyllic scene can sometimes […]