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Wedding Trends for 2014: Food Stations for Thought

How many times have you been to a traditional wedding where chicken, green beans and redskin potatoes were served? That’s not necessarily a bad thing when the chicken is tender and the potatoes are seasoned just right, but what if you’re a bride or groom looking for a unique twist to your reception? Similar to […]

Only the Best: On Choosing Among All the Reception Halls in Michigan

Planning a wedding can be a frustrating experience. Arranging everything to make it perfect for the special occasion can be difficult, even for an experienced planner. Oftentimes, the choice of venue is one of a couple and a planner’s main headaches. Unless someone is planning something low-key, even a small wedding can take up a […]

Event of a Lifetime: Looking for Wedding Banquet Halls in Michigan

There are a lot of reasons why Michigan is one of the best places in the country to tie the knot in. According to Elizabeth Edwards, editor for MyNorth Wedding: For Couple Who Love Up North, one probable reason for this is that the state has a great abundance of picturesque landscapes that can be […]

Happily Knotted: Hosting Exhilarating Wedding Receptions in Michigan

The Wall Street Journal’s website has an article dated January 7, 2014 that details up and coming trends for this year’s weddings. Couples tend to fashion their weddings after those of popular celebrities, although there are some breakout trends that are both original and exciting. One such trend is the rise of wedding parties that […]

Host a Lovely Reception with the Aid of Capable Caterers in Michigan

The website has a January 20, 2014 article that details the amazing upside-down wedding cake a celebrity had for her wedding reception. Wedding receptions aren’t to be underestimated, and both the bride and groom will want to make sure that all their guests are happy and satisfied. The wedding cake is perhaps the centerpiece […]