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Conference Centers in Michigan: Ensuring the Success of Your Meeting

There are good meetings and there are bad meetings. Bad meetings seem to go on forever—chairs feel like school chairs, air is bad, and a sleepy atmosphere prevails. After the meeting is over, no one has the time nor energy for questions. Good meetings, on the other hand, leave participants energized and feeling like they’ve […]

Reception Venues in Michigan: Choosing the Proper Wedding Planner

He has gone down on his knees and proposed to you. It’s finally official—you’re getting married. Congratulations! Now, you’re only months away from walking down the aisle and holding your wedding reception in one of the best banquet halls in Michigan that you’ve long dreamed you’ll be married in with your Mr. Right. Unfortunately, beyond […]

From Invites to Wedding Reception Halls in Michigan: Plan your Wedding

Planning your own wedding always bears an extraordinary amount of stress, especially if you’re working on a tight deadline. However, you don’t always have to play the role of the grouchy bride if you so choose. If you want your wedding plans—such as choosing wedding reception halls in Michigan—to go off without a hitch, try […]

Wedding Trends for 2014: Food Stations for Thought

How many times have you been to a traditional wedding where chicken, green beans and redskin potatoes were served? That’s not necessarily a bad thing when the chicken is tender and the potatoes are seasoned just right, but what if you’re a bride or groom looking for a unique twist to your reception? Similar to […]

Only the Best: On Choosing Among All the Reception Halls in Michigan

Planning a wedding can be a frustrating experience. Arranging everything to make it perfect for the special occasion can be difficult, even for an experienced planner. Oftentimes, the choice of venue is one of a couple and a planner’s main headaches. Unless someone is planning something low-key, even a small wedding can take up a […]