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Why an At-Home Wedding May NOT Save You Money

Wedding Food

For some couples, a sweet, backyard wedding can seem like the perfect way to celebrate their love, while keeping costs low and the celebration simple. They picture a childhood home as the backdrop of pictures, personal touches throughout, and a smaller bill without the cost of a fancy venue. But this idyllic scene can sometimes […]

How to Create The Perfect Signature Cocktail For Your Wedding

You’ve got your wine selections and beer on tap, but you’re still looking for just the right spirits to finish off your wedding reception beverage list. It can be expensive to serve a full bar, and lines can get long when people are ordering “custom” drinks from a wide selection of alcohol. Luckily, there’s a […]

Kids or No Kids: How to decide if you should invite kids to your wedding

For every couple that adores the idea of kids at weddings, there’s another couple that gets nervous at the thought of the complications they can cause. Neither group is right or wrong. Asking children to be a part of your celebration (as participants, attendees, or both) can definitely impact the big day, and is a […]