Summer is one of the most popular times of year for weddings – and for good reason! As flowers bloom, the sun shines, and skies turn from winter grey to bright blue, this beautiful season is a top choice for many couples. 

So how can you make your special day stand out? From stunning floral arrangements to outdoor venues like our one-of-a-kind outdoor chapel, there are plenty of fabulous trends you can customize that are sure to make your summer wedding unforgettable. 

Four distressed mason jars painted in blush tones used as vases for DIY wedding decor.


Hosting a sustainable wedding is becoming an increasingly common and popular choice. Many couples are opting for eco-friendly weddings that reduce waste and carbon footprint. One way to achieve this is by choosing seasonal and locally sourced flowers and food. You can also consider using recyclable materials for invitations and decor, and choosing digital invitations over paper products. Some couples are even taking it a step further by hosting a zero-waste wedding. For even more ideas, check out our complete list of sustainable suggestions!

Bold and Bright Colors

Summer is all about vibrant colors, and this year’s weddings are no exception. Bold and bright colors are making a comeback, with couples opting for eye-catching hues such as coral, yellow, and fuchsia. These colors can be incorporated into everything from the bridal party’s attire to the floral arrangements and decor. Pantone’s color of the year, Viva Magenta, is the perfect pop of color for a bold summer wedding! If you’re not sure how to incorporate this hue, try our tips.  

Outdoor Venues

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the great outdoors, and outdoor weddings are a popular choice for couples. Outdoor venues allow couples to take advantage of natural light and create a stunning backdrop for their special day. Our open-air chapel is one of a kind in Michigan, and the covered ceiling and open walls offer the perfect balance between outdoor beauty and indoor coverage. We’ve already hosted our first wedding of the year in the chapel, and can’t wait for the next one!

Unique Seating Arrangements

One trend that is gaining popularity is unique seating arrangements. Couples are moving away from the traditional round table seating and opting for long banquet-style tables or even lounge-style seating. This allows guests to interact more freely and creates a more relaxed atmosphere.

Statement Decor

Bold and statement decor is also a trend that is gaining popularity this summer. Couples are incorporating large floral installations, hanging installations, and even neon signage into their decor. This trend allows couples to create a unique and memorable atmosphere that guests are sure to remember.

Personalized Cocktails

Personalized cocktails are a trend that is becoming increasingly popular at weddings. Couples are opting for signature cocktails that reflect their personalities and tastes. These can be served in personalized glasses or with personalized stirrers to add an extra special touch.

Non-Traditional Bridal Attire

Many brides are moving away from traditional white wedding dresses and opting for more unique and unconventional options. Pastel-colored dresses, jumpsuits, and even bridal suits are all becoming more popular. These options allow brides to show off their individual style and create a unique look that is all their own. Our friends at The Dress Shop love this wave of new styles, and we are always ready for brides who want to explore all the different options beyond a traditional white wedding dress.

Interactive Food Stations

Interactive food stations are a great way to add an element of fun to your wedding reception. Couples are opting for stations such as a taco bar, oyster bar, or even a donut wall. This allows guests to customize their meals and creates a more relaxed and casual atmosphere.


Technology is also playing a bigger role in weddings this year. Live streaming of weddings has become more common, allowing couples to include guests who are unable to attend in person. Virtual reality and 360-degree video are also being used to create a more immersive experience for guests. On the flip side, another approach for some brides and grooms is to have an unplugged wedding, where cameras, personal cell phones, and social media are limited or restricted entirely. If you’re looking for ways to use technology to make your big day memorable, we’ve got you covered. 

No matter what summer wedding trend you choose to make your own, we know your wedding will be a night you’ll remember forever. 

Not only are we happy to book summer dates for next year and beyond, but we have special pricing available for select wedding days this summer! Why wait? Your dream wedding can absolutely take place in just a few short months – and at an incredible price – with the experienced staff of Crystal Gardens on your side.

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