Saturdays have long been the go-to traditional day of the week for weddings—the top 10 wedding dates of 2018 were all on a Saturday. Brides and grooms opt for Saturday weddings for a few reasons: they leave time for guests to travel and time before and after the wedding day for planning and recuperating. But Saturday isn’t the only day for weddings—we’ve started to see more couples select “off days” for their wedding celebrations, and these days have their own special perks.

We’ve outlined a few pros of getting married on Friday, Sunday or any non-Saturday wedding date.

You’ll Have More Flexibility with Venues

At most wedding ceremony and reception venues, Saturdays are booked at least a year (or more) in advance, especially in the prime wedding season months. This factor alone leaves couples with limited options, especially if they have their heart set on a venue. Shifting the focus to having a wedding on one of the “off days” like Friday or Sunday leaves more options. Saturdays are a prime night for venues, so in an effort to book their space that would otherwise remain empty, some reception venues may offer the same sit-down dinner on Sunday for a lot less money than it does on a Saturday.

You’re More Likely to Strike a Deal With Vendors

It’s pretty much a given that wedding professionals and their services will be more expensive on Saturdays because it is a high-demand day in the industry. However, they still want to keep their calendars booked, even on a Friday and Sunday,, which could translate to lower costs for their services—think things like photography, hair and makeup stylists, DJs, etc. You’ll have much better luck negotiating lower rates with vendors since there (most likely) isn’t a group of other couples lined up behind you, ready to take your spot and pay for these services.

You Get to Break the Mold and Be Unique

By choosing an “off day” for your wedding, you have the unique opportunity to break the traditional wedding itinerary mold—ceremony, dinner, dancing, afterparty. If you’re opting for a Friday wedding, you can start with your ceremony and a cocktail party that night, then continue the fun throughout Saturday (and even Sunday, too!) by filling it with fun local activities like a cookout, a golf outing, a day at the beach, or however else you want to celebrate your new marriage! If you want to plan a Sunday wedding, consider a big brunch—think mimosas, a Bloody Mary bar, creative coffee drinks, and a beautiful buffet.

You Can Choose the Time of Your Party!

Moving away from the tradition of Saturday weddings means you get to avoid the beaten path and get creative, more specifically with the time you choose your wedding events to begin. If you go for a Friday wedding, start it later in the evening to give your guests enough time to travel and arrive on time. The upside for Friday weddings is the extra time to party later into the night, with the rest of the weekend to recover—you can even plan a morning-after Saturday brunch.

If you’re considering a Sunday wedding, aim for an earlier time so guests have time to get home with time to spare before the work and school week starts. You can plan an elegant champagne brunch-styled reception that ends by 5 p.m.

Guests Will Still Attend

Of course, your closest family and friends will attend your wedding no matter what day of the week you choose, but many brides and grooms worry that a lot of their guests won’t attend their wedding if they host it on a Friday or a Sunday. While it’s easy to assume it’s an inconvenience for guests, you could be pleasantly surprised. If you give enough of an advance on the date, many guests will probably plan a day off. Even for Saturday weddings, most guests take a day off to travel, so this isn’t out of the norm! In fact, there may even be some guests who would prefer a Friday or Sunday wedding.

Another bonus for guests—lower airfare! This is a great perk for out-of-town guests since the various expenses that come with traveling to and attending a wedding can add up. Even if guests aren’t flying, traveling on off-days is generally much easier, too.

Your wedding doesn’t have to be on a Saturday for it to be the day of your dreams. Consider these benefits of having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday and pick the day that best fits your ideas and budget. If you need more wedding planning resources, read more of our blogs. Or contact us today to start putting together your dream wedding! You can reach our event coordinators by email or phone at 877-545-1002.