Once that ring slips on your finger and the date is chosen for your wedding day, it can feel like a rush of urgency takes over. You start thinking about everything you need to do and it all feels like it has to get done right now

But don’t worry. Just breathe. While there are things that should be taken care of right away, there are some details that can wait. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by planning, take a look at some of the details that can be set aside for a little bit. 

The Dresses

You will want to make your bridal gown one of your top priorities when planning your wedding.  Once you have an idea at date, you will probably want to start shopping right away. Bridal gowns can take six to eight months to arrive, once they are ordered, and you will need a few months for alterations as well.  In addition, you can’t start choosing all of the fun “extras” until you have chosen your dress – jewelry, hairstyles, veils, undergarments and shoes. Additionally, your gown will set a “theme” for your wedding day – you will need to choose your gown before making important decisions on what the groom, groomsmen and bridesmaids are wearing.  We recommend consulting with a bridal styling expert, which can be found in some bridal salons. The Dress Shop features expert stylists who will help make your bridal buying experience fun and easy – from helping you find your bridal style to creating a style and theme for the entire wedding party. 

Wedding Dress

Tip: If you have a store in mind, just make sure to check on their timeline for ordering and alterations!

Create a Seating Chart

If you’ve decided to use a seating chart, this is a task that actually should be saved until later in the wedding planning process. You can’t make your seating chart until you know who is coming to your big day, so don’t even stress about it until you have all your RSVP’s back. Booking the venue and sending invites all need to be done before you do your seating chart so put this toward the bottom of the list for now. 

Tip: When you do start your chart, leave a few empty seats for people that don’t RSVP but still show up. It happens. 

Planning the Honeymoon

While this is one of the more exciting pieces of planning, it’s one that can wait until a little farther into the process especially since many couples opt to take their honeymoon a few months after the big day.  You don’t want the stress of planning a trip to combine with the stress of planning a wedding so decide on a place but hold off on all the details and plans until a little closer to the big day or closer to the trip. 

Palm trees, pools, and huts

Tip: Did you know that the cheapest airfare is available 54 days before your departure? If you don’t want to wait, you can also find cheap flights 104 days before your trip.  On the flip side, ticket prices start to rise 20 days before a flight. 

The Little Details

The little things might make your wedding uniquely you, but they can be done a little closer to the big day. Things like choosing your something blue and borrowed, mood lighting, decorations for the cocktail tables or the entrance hall… these are all items that can be added after all the big details are decided and taken care of. 

Decorative details don’t typically have to be ordered in bulk and can be purchased at any craft or hobby store in your area. If you just need a few chalkboards or cute stands for the gift tables, you can wait to get those.

The Music

You’ll want to ask your DJ how far in advance he needs your playlist but chances are this is something that can wait until a few weeks before the big day.  Don’t stress about what song will play while you cut the cake or while your guests wait for dinner until you absolutely have to. It’s something you can be thinking about but the big decisions don’t have to be made right away.

Dancing at wedding reception


While you’ll need to book your florist early, you don’t need to choose your flowers and arrangements until closer to the big day. Once you have a date, you’ll want to check and see which blooms will be available during that time but you don’t have to make your final decision about arrangements until a little closer to the day. 

Bride holding flowers

The Legal Stuff

You do need to apply for and sign your wedding license before the wedding day, but the other legal details like changing your name and your bank accounts can wait. In fact, since sometimes these items can take time and calls and special trips, it’s a good idea to wait until you’re done planning the wedding and a little more relaxed. It might be exciting to see your new name on your cards and driver’s license, but it’s not worth the extra stress to try to get it done while planning a wedding. 

Once you pick your date, you’ll want to book the places and the services you know you want to use, but many of the details can be saved until later. So don’t stress about the details and enjoy your time being engaged.

If you get overwhelmed, give us a call. Need help with the details? Check out our blog or give us a call for wedding planning assistance!