After a long 11 months, 2021 is finally coming to a close. For some, it’s a bittersweet end, and for others, it’s just the beginning. As 2022 quickly approaches, you may be reading this article in hopes of finding ideas and tips for your wedding next year. You’re in luck! 

Here are the top trends we’re looking forward to in 2022:

Weekday Weddings:

Many couples are finding that a wedding during the week can be just as perfect as a Saturday event. While less common, there are many benefits to weekday weddings: 

  • Hotels and airfare are less expensive for out-of-state guests 
  • In lieu of perks, you may receive reduced rates. Venues often have a higher cost for peak dates.
  • More availability for your favorite vendors 

Consider a Monday or Thursday! Special guests from out -of-town will be able to travel in and get settled, or enjoy more time together before the ceremony. Just remember to schedule your event for the evening, so guests who are local don’t have to take off work for the entire day. 


Smaller wedding cakes:

Small wedding cakes aren’t a new concept – couples have been ordering single-tier cakes, often called cutting cakes, for years as a way to lower costs, opt out of old traditions, and to avoid spending money on a large cake that often just goes to waste. 

Whether you’re having a more intimate guest count or a large party, couples are ordering a small wedding cake just for cutting and photos, and then purchasing a larger, cost-friendly cake (or cupcakes) to feed their guests.


Classic Aesthetics:

For those of you who haven’t seen the famous Netflix series, Bridgerton tells the story of Daphne Bridgerton, an elite family member in high society who searches for love in Regency London. The show is flooded with venue, decor and dress inspiration. 

If you are a bride-to-be burning for a Bridgerton wedding, you picked a great time!  With so many different wedding dresses currently on the market inspired by the Regency-era, your dreams of looking like the beautiful Duchess of Hastings on your wedding day are well within reach, and in line with the classic dress trend of 2022. Indulge in your desires to create a wedding fit for royalty.


Modern Black Wedding Colors:

Time and time again we hear couples say they want their wedding to be unique. One way to achieve this is with a color palette that strays from tradition. There is nothing quite unique like a black and white color palette that can create the ultimate chic theme that is both classic and modern. You can easily personalize and match the details and decor in shades of black and white to make your wedding stand out and be remembered, after-all, black and white goes with everything. 


Short Wedding Dresses:

Not only is the short wedding dress a fun alternative from the traditional floor-length gown, it’s also completely practical and versatile. The shorter length can make your dress a versatile part of your wardrobe so you can wear it more than once after your wedding! This trend is perfect for anniversaries, vow renewals, special announcements, etc. Whether you’re having a small intimate ceremony, are opting for a vintage theme, or just want to show off your wedding shoes, there’s a short wedding dress out there that matches both your venue and your bridal style.


Virtual Save-the-Dates and RSVP’s:

Picture it – you order, pay and send out all of your invitations…and nightmare strikes. Someone’s card never arrived – or they waited until the last minute to respond, and now their RSVP will be late. One trend we’ve been seeing a lot of lately, are brides using virtual save-the-dates and RSVP’s sent directly to their guest list via email. Sending a virtual card not only eliminates the cost of paper and postage, but ensures that everyone receives the email and is able to respond back quickly and easily.


Whether 2022 is the year of your wedding or just a reception, nuptials will be personal, creative and fun. If you need more inspiration or guidance, give us a call. You can reach our event coordinators by email or phone at 877-545-1002.