The times, they are a-changing! Brides and grooms today have a completely new landscape for their weddings, and that means that the rules for the bridal party and guests alike should get a review, too. Make Emily Post proud and prevent a social faux pas with our etiquette guide for what you can and can’t do for the 2023 wedding season.

Do Have An Activity Card

If you’re one of the many couples planning a long weekend for your guests, send an activity card with your invitation. This easily accessed list of events, addresses, and times sets the stage for fun in an organized fashion.

Do Investigate Inclusive Wording

Families today are different, meaning the wording on an invitation is, too! There are single parents, divorced parents, stepparents, and more. A deceased parent can also be honored with utilizing the word late in front of their name. You can represent all these key people in your life respectfully and properly.

Bridesmaids in slate blue dresses holding flowers.

Do Have a QR Code

QR codes allow the best of both worlds: a gorgeous paper invitation and a code to RSVP that saves you a return stamp and a long wait. It’s new, it’s modern, and we are here for it!

Do Prepare for Special Dietary Needs

It’s not just chicken or fish! Save yourself the hassle up front by asking guests to note any dietary restrictions. You’ll receive responses with vegan, gluten-free, and unique allergies. This comprehensive information will give you advanced time to have your catering team provide specific cuisine for those guests.

Do Provide Non-Alcoholic Mocktails

Whether newly pregnant, trying to conceive, or an advocate of the teetotaler movement, make an inclusive atmosphere with colorful cocktails containing zero liquor. This makes everyone comfortable and allows those who abstain to avoid those awkward questions from others. It’s no one’s business why people do or don’t drink, and with a cool-looking cocktail in hand, they won’t need to worry.

Do Not Make Yourself Too Available

Just because you can be easily accessed with a quick text, doesn’t mean you should. Unless you want to spend your special day rushing around answering questions and giving directions, make sure to hand off key day-of tasks – and your phone! – to trusted family (like parents or siblings), friends (like your maid of honor or best man) or your wedding coordinator. Can you imagine anything more frustrating than receiving a barrage of questions from guests as you’re putting your dress or suit on? Things like, “Hi beautiful bride, where do we park again??” It has happened, but it absolutely should not.

Do Not Space Things Out Too Far

Have you ever gone to a wedding where the ceremony was at 1pm but the reception was at 7pm? While it’s lovely to have time to take endless photos of you and the bridal party, it’s very challenging for guests to find a way to fill all that time. Many people will opt to skip the ceremony for that very reason. Be conscientious of their guests and make them a priority in your planning. 

Don’t Invite People to Parties That Aren’t Invited to The Wedding

You shouldn’t invite friends or family to the showers, or pre-wedding events, who aren’t also invited to the wedding. This implies they are good enough to get you a gift, but not to come to your wedding. 

There may be an exception for office showers, especially if you work in a fairly large office and your co-workers will be throwing the shower. 

Wedding Gifts

Do Not Overindulge

Have fun, but not too much. Enough said!

At Crystal Gardens, we love to keep on top of wedding dos and don’ts! We’re ready to help navigate our couples to their perfect wedding day with our decades of expertise. Contact us today to speak with our experts!