Choosing a wedding venue can be a tricky one; sure, it starts out with you and your partner debating about your favorites. Then, the tension elevates the moment you realize that you have to factor in your guests, the type of wedding you’re having, proximity, and a lot more. Thankfully, you don’t always have to pull your hair out when making this decision – as long as you know how to choose among the various enthralling Michigan wedding venues.

Size Data

The first thing that you should figure out before taking the first step towards choosing a wedding venue is to determine the size of your guest list as well as your venue budget. Make a list of all the individuals that you want to share your special day with, then come up with a rough estimate. This will help you pick out a venue that can accommodate your guests and your budget.

Enough Room

Choose a venue that doesn’t just fit all your guests, but guarantees their comfort as well. Whether your reception is a sit-down dinner, or a band and bar-style setup, you should ensure that there is sufficient space for each one of your friends and family to move around or even dance, and not feel cramped.


An article from states that you should consider what extra amenities your venue can offer:

Each venue is different with what they include in the price. Some include tables and chairs, others catering and linens, or merely just the space. Be sure to have this discussion with the venue director before going to view the spot […]

Schedule a Rehearsal

Keep in mind that you will have to conduct a wedding rehearsal at the exact same venue, so you should reserve it the night before your big day. Ask the venue director if the rehearsal is already included in the fees. Knowing this will help you keep away from costly surprises.

Excellent wedding venues in Michigan like Crystal Gardens Banquet Center will help ensure that you and your guests aren’t distracted by anything that steers away from the spirit of your special day. The right venue accentuates the importance of the occasion all the more, and highlights the love and affection that you and your partner share.


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