After months, even years of planning, many celebrations, and one whirlwind wedding day…your wedding is suddenly behind you. Cue the wave of post-wedding blues!

As you’re coming down from all the excitement, you’re probably thinking of every way possible to relive the whole celebration over and over again—and we don’t blame you! But you can (somewhat) re-live your big day by preserving pieces of the most special moments.

We’ve put together a list of unique ways to keep your wedding memories as vivid as the day they happened, for many years to come.

1. Frame your first dance song lyrics

Crystal Gardens_Howell, MI_First Dance Song Lyrics Framed

The song you picked for your first dance obviously has very special meaning. Print the lyrics of the song on nice stock paper and frame them. Or, you can get them printed on something unique that you can display in your home.

2. Mix it up with your wedding pictures

Crystal Gardens_Howell, MI_Wedding Pictures

Of course, wedding pictures are the most traditional way to capture and save your memories. Go one step beyond getting them printed in a book or displayed in picture frames. Get your favorite one blown up as a canvas print, or even have it made with your wedding vows printed over the image.

3. Commemorate your vows

Crystal Gardens_Howell, MI_Vows

Crystal Gardens_Howell, MI_Vows

Speaking of vows….those are the words that sealed your marriage! Commemorating or displaying them is a sweet, everyday reminder of your wedding day. One our favorite and most unique ideas is using a recorded version of your vows and turning it into a sound wave.

4. Save and display something signed by your guests

Crystal Gardens_Howell, MI_ Signed BoardCrystal Gardens_Howell, MI_Guest Book

It doesn’t have to be just a plain ole’ paper book! Get creative. Tip: there are lots of things you can do with wood.

5. Make a wedding video

Crystal Gardens_Howell, MI_Video

This is the most popular trend in ways to keep your wedding memories alive—as close to live as they can get! If your budget doesn’t allow you to hire a professional videographer, ask a friend to capture great videos so you can make your own.

6. Create a display board or shadow box

Crystal Gardens_Howell, MI_Display Board

This is the best way to save and display many pieces of your wedding day. Buy an antique frame, or get a special shadow box. Fill it with things like your wedding invitation, bouquet and/or boutonniere.

7. Preserve your flowers

Crystal Gardens_Howell, MI_Flowers

Crystal Gardens_Howell, MI_Save Flowers

Even when they’re dead, they’re still beautiful. Fill a shadow box, make an ornament, or even frame the dried petals from your wedding bouquet.

8. Get custom jewelry made

Crystal Gardens_Howell, MI_Custom Jewelry

This idea is timeless and gives you a keepsake that you can wear every day and eventually pass down to future generations.

9. Freeze your cake

Crystal Gardens_Howell, MI_Cake

This idea is a classic, but one of our favorites. It’s common to save the top of thee cake (or any part of it) and freeze it for a year. Then, on your first wedding anniversary, you can cut it together one more time!

10. Make your cake topper a decorative piece

Crystal Gardens_Howell, MI_ Cake Topper

Did you get a cake topper? Don’t throw it in the trash or in a random storage box when the Big Day is over. Save it and make an ornament or any other type of home decoration.

Your wedding doesn’t really have to end after the day is over. Save your memories in ways that are special to you—ways that allow you to look at those memories every day.

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