17 04, 2019

Incorporating Children into Blended Family Weddings


Blended families are not uncommon—more than 50 percent of U.S. families are remarried or recoupled, and we’ve seen many weddings involving couples who had at least one child coming into the new marriage with them. If you are blending a [...]

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17 04, 2019

Effectively Communicating with Vendors


Your wedding vendors are key players in turning your wedding dreams into a reality, so it’s super-important to know the best methods and proper etiquette when it comes to communicating with them. Trust us—it makes things so much easier! Crystal [...]

Effectively Communicating with Vendors2019-04-17T18:56:01+00:00
17 04, 2019

Planning a Multicultural Wedding


Nearly 60 percent of couples marry someone from a different background, region, or religion.While all couples are unique, the blending of these backgrounds is something that couples often highlight in their weddings to honor their heritage. From authentically traditional ceremonies [...]

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20 03, 2019

Tips for Your Dream Green Wedding


We’ve heard it since we were kids, and now we hear it more than ever: reduce, reuse, recycle. Many couples are dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment, and they want their wedding to reflect that. Luckily, any wedding can [...]

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13 03, 2019

The Digital Age of Weddings


20 years ago, brides spent hours flipping through stacks of wedding magazines, dog-earring pages to rip out for inspiration look-books. Couples planned their weddings after work and on the weekends, touring venues with their hired wedding planners, who helped them [...]

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6 03, 2019

Planning for Unexpected Wedding Costs


As you plan your Big Day, everything revolves around your budget: the venue, flowers, your dress, the cake… every single detail adds up. Often, you can be so focused on staying within the spending boundaries that you may end up [...]

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27 02, 2019

Maid of Honor Roles and Duties


Every bride needs her tribe: her support system, her bridesmaids. These are the most important people in her life, and she chose them to stand by her on her big day. Among this tribe of bridesmaids, the bride needs her [...]

Maid of Honor Roles and Duties2019-02-27T03:14:13+00:00
20 02, 2019

Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Ideas


Traditionally, when we think of weddings, we think of brides donned in beautiful white dresses and big ball gowns. But today’s brides are more daring and bold, going outside the box when it comes to picking or designing their wedding [...]

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13 02, 2019

Origins of Wedding Traditions


If you’re planning a wedding, you know every detail is important — the dress, the cake, even the honeymoon. But do you know why? The event specialists at Crystal Gardens Banquet Center researched the origins behind some of the most [...]

Origins of Wedding Traditions2019-02-13T02:29:17+00:00
26 12, 2018

Tips for Brides Searching for the Wedding Dress of their Dreams


Got the ring? Congrats! Now it’s time to help you find the perfect dress! Shopping for the dress is the kick-off event for the rest of your wedding planning and festivities. Don’t let the process overwhelm you — it’s meant [...]

Tips for Brides Searching for the Wedding Dress of their Dreams2018-12-26T22:15:20+00:00
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