Planning for the day you have always dreamed of can be beyond stressful. Whether you are dealing with a groom who isn’t helping with the planning, a Mother-Law who wants to change the seating chart, or you are just a stressed out bride trying to make decisions on a budget, it is important your mental and physical health to keep stress down as much as possible. Stress can have an impact on your health, particularly skin and hair, which is even more of a reason to tackle it proactively.

Follow these seven tips to put a plan in place to keep you cool, calm, and in control so that when your big day arrives, you are relaxed and ready to cherish it!

1. Don’t Try To Do It All At Once

The second you get engaged, people will start bombarding you with questions.

“What are your colors?”
“Where will it be?”
“When is the wedding?”

The best advice is to just slow it all down. When people ask you these questions, respond with a simple, “we’re just enjoying being engaged right now.” Take the time to actually enjoy your engagement. Take in all in and enjoy each and every moment — especially for the first few weeks, before you dive into wedding planning.

When you finally do start planning, take your time with it. Don’t try to pick a dress, venue and go food tasting all in a single weekend. There is no reason to get yourself stressed out and doing everything all at once. Instead, prioritize. First on your list should be your venue – because ultimately, booking a venue finalizes your wedding date and allows you to move on to booking other vendors. A bridal gown should also be at the top of your list, as most bridal gowns can take six to eight months to come in once ordered, and then you will need time to accessorize, as well as to allow for enough time for alterations.

Women in pink blouse and brown hair looking nervous.

2. Stay Organized

Get yourself a planner and create a spreadsheet for your special day to make sure everything will get completed. A spreadsheet is especially helpful for keeping a record when it comes to RVSP’s, correspondences with suppliers and contacts for the day. A planner will help you stay organized to ensure that you don’t do everything all at once.

Mark off what needs to be done nine, six and three months out. With or without a wedding planner this can be a great way to keep up with everything. If you don’t have a wedding planner, this is even more important because as the big day gets closer you know what you have left and if you need to delegate any tasks.

Open notebook with a to do list and pen.

3. Delegate

You are only one person, you can’t do it all, and you shouldn’t have to. Don’t hesitate to ask for help whether it’s from your fiancé, bridesmaids or family members. From DIY projects to helping send out invites, go through either your planner and spreadsheets and make a list of projects that you can trust to others. Have them take some of the stress off of you by delegating them to these tasks. Everyone understands that wedding planning is a stressful time and the people you love are always there to help.

Two women sitting at table talking with paper and pens on table.

4. Resolve Conflicts ASAP

No matter what you do, there will always be at least one person throughout the wedding planning process that thinks they have the right to demand things. Whether if it’s your soon-to-be mother-in-law trying to change things, or your own mother trying to make you wear her veil on YOUR wedding day. Try to keep in mind that it is just exactly that — YOURS. Once the conflict arises, do not ignore it. Get down to the bottom of it quickly so that as your big day gets closer all issues are resolved and the day is drama free.

Woman with cell phone in hand up to ear.

5. Don’t Give Into Bad Habits

When issues do come up and your stress levels rise, don’t cave and give in to bad habits. Even if you think that an entire pizza, a bottle of wine or a few glasses of gin is the answer, don’t do it! These habits may be delicious and feel like a perfect fix at the moment, but the next day you will feel even worse. Take some deep breaths and deal with the situation rather than turning to these habits that will make you bloated, worried and unable to think productively. Stay healthy during this time and get plenty of rest, the last thing you want is to look tired and feel sick on your wedding day.

Woman looking down while holding a glass of red wine.

6. Make Time For Each Other

Be careful not to get so busy or overwhelmed during the planning process that the only conversations you have with your partner are about the big day! Make sure to set time aside to talk about something other than the menu and seating chart. This is such a fun and exciting time in your relationship and a great time to learn more about your significant other. It shouldn’t be overtaken by stress about wedding planning.

Man and woman holding hands.

7. Don’t Forget The “Why”

The most important tip of them all, don’t forget the WHY. You are getting married, something you have probably always dreamed of. You are going to be starting a wonderful adventure with your one and only. Do not lose sight of your journey and get caught up in all of the wedding planning drama and stress.

Couple in field holding hands and kissing.

This is a wonderful time and memory for the both of you so enjoy it and remember that the vows and your love for each other are what this is all about.

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