What bride wouldn’t want her guests raving about her wedding? Naturally, it doesn’t stop there. A wedding ceremony won’t be complete without the celebration that comes afterward – the reception. It goes without saying, then, that hosting a successful reception takes proper planning and a dose of creativity.


The winter season is not usually thought of as a great time to have a wedding, but with the right preparations, anything is possible. Kristen O’Gorman Klein from Bridal Guide writes:

In most parts of the country, throwing a winter wedding is a gamble. A lot of people thought I was crazy for choosing a February date in New Jersey. Luckily, we were blessed with gorgeous weather on our wedding day — it snowed the following day!

Although some might think that it might be a bit difficult to find lovely reception venues in Michigan during winter, there’s no need to worry because the options are endless!

Getting married in the winter time is less costly, since most couples book their special dates during the spring and summer months. Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead. Try envisioning the perfect wedding scene to help you determine and choose the best motif, décor, or theme. When looking for reliable wedding coordinators and nice banquet halls in Michigan, try inquiring at well-known places like Crystal Gardens Banquet Center.

Since it’s going to take place during the holidays, it is important to notify friends and relatives, seeing as they might make plans of their own during that time of year. It also helps to be updated on forecasts and weather patterns in the area because weather conditions can be quite unstable during the winter season.

It is also wise to prepare for the worst case scenario, such as a snow storm or blizzard. Make sure that if in case this happens, the people in charge and involved in the wedding celebration – the coordinators, photographers, videographers, DJs – are able to postpone the event and work with you on another alternative date.

Embrace the winter season! Don’t let the cold weather be a hindrance to planning the perfect wedding. All it takes is a creative mind, a clear-cut plan, and determination.

(Article Excerpt and Image from What to Consider Before Planning a Winter Wedding, Bridal Guide)