Winter weddings are especially elegant and dreamy — magical ceremonies in cozy and warm venues, rich colors and bold, beautiful attire. Maybe even some photos with snowflakes falling perfectly around the bridal party.

You can practically close your eyes and see each and every stunning detail.

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If you’re planning a winter wedding for next year, you have a unique list of things to consider — one much different than the list of those who have their weddings in spring, summer, and fall. This makes your wedding planning process special, and maybe somewhat challenging at times. But with the right arrangements, your wedding will be the best part of the season for you and your guests.

Take notes as our event specialists at Crystal Gardens Banquet Center give you tips and advice on some of the most important aspects of planning a winter wedding.

Choosing your venue

Choosing your venue is very important — you want it to be warm, cozy and accessible in the winter weather. You could seek out a place with a view so you and your guests can enjoy the beauty of a winter wonderland (maybe a place with a fireplace?)

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If the weather isn’t too harsh and cold, you may even be able to have your wedding outside!

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Winter wedding day attire

Crystal Gardens_Howell, MI_ Winter Wedding Attire

This is perhaps the most important detail to carefully consider because, as you’ve already accepted, a winter wedding means cold weather. Remember this as you are picking out your dress, bridesmaids dresses, accessories, and any other wedding attire (grooms included!)

Wedding style experts from The Dress Shop suggests a few different wardrobe tips and essentials that will keep you warm without taking away from the beauty of everyone’s attire:

  • Wear a faux-fur coat or shawl to add a cozy detail to your dress
  • Choose warm and/or layered materials
  • Brides and bridesmaids — wear stockings under your dress
  • Be practical with your shoes (you don’t want to ruin your beautiful heels!) You can
  • find cute winter booties to wear, or at least change into when you are out in the snow
  • Find a pair of classy gloves and/or hat that matches your dress and brings out its details

Winter-proofing your makeup and hair

The chilly winter air tends to dry out your skin and lips. Think of this as you follow your routine leading up to your Big Day. Use products that are extra moisturizing. When it comes time to get your makeup done, talk with your makeup artist about using a cream-based foundation that will

give you a dewy glow all day and night. Also use moisturizing lip balm and color to keep your lips from cracking.

Crystal Gardens_Howell, MI_ Makeup

As for hair — winter weather can wreak havoc on hair, too. Snowfall can wet your hair, so use good hairspray to protect it and hold it all in place. Maybe even consider a cute hair piece.

Crystal Gardens_Howell, MI_ Hair

Scouting out picture sites

Crystal Gardens_Howell, MI_ Winter Photos

Of course, outdoor pictures are beautiful and scenic. If weather permits and you’ve scouted out some great outdoor locations, then go for it! But, as with many wedding things, have a back-up plan. While scouting your outdoor photo locations, make sure you are also keeping an eye open for indoor locations as Plan B.

Another tip: the sun sets earlier in the winter, so keep your day-of timeline in mind!

Finding and making unique decorations

Here are our favorite ideas:

  • Winter garland and pine cones (frost them for a wintery look!)
  • Cranberries
  • Wood (think birch trees)
  • Candles and lanterns
  • Lots of lights and glitter
  • Silvers and golds, and deep, rich colors
  • Faux fur accents

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Prepping an emergency weather plan

Crystal Gardens_Emergency Plan
We know, we know, you don’t want to think of this (which is why we saved it for last!) You must be prepared with a back-up plan in case there is a major winter storm. This may affect travel to and from your venue, as well as travel for your guests. In this case, you sadly may have to expect less people to attend, especially if they are from out of town. But, don’t worry! They will still celebrate your day from wherever they are.

You picked a winter wedding for a reason — it’s a magical and romantic season, and the perfect time of year to celebrate. Take these tips with you as you continue planning your wedding and let it inspire some great ideas for your Big Day.

Need some more ideas? Get in touch with our event specialists at Crystal Gardens by email or by phone at 877-545-1002. Need guidance from wedding attire experts? Call The Dress Shop at 517-546-3600.