The season of swirling leaves, pumpkin spice, and apple cider is upon us! Fall grants incredible colors and styles that make a wedding an absolute delight to the senses. We’ve created a list of how to incorporate the best of the season in your special day with our elements of fall ideas!

Creative Colors

What’s the color palette for your wedding? This initial decision will make every decision afterward much simpler. There are striking options from the traditional deep oranges, browns, and reds, or bold shades like black with dark purple, gold, or copper accents. Take a hint from the birthstones of September, October, and November: vivid sapphire, shimmering opals, and lustrous topaz. Whether warm and cozy or dramatic hues, your color scheme will dictate the flowers and decor that work best.

Finding Fabulous Foliage

Pinecones aren’t just for squirrels anymore! Yes, you can have a remarkably gorgeous bouquet with pinecones in it, too! Even the leaves and sprigs of berries provide beautiful accents. The best of the season’s flowers include dahlias, zinnias, honeysuckle, canna lilies, phlox, sunflowers, and much more. Mixing and matching the blooms make for a unique bouquet, boutonnières, floral arches at the ceremony, and centerpieces.

Interested in truly Instagram-worthy photos? Give your guests fall leaves to toss at you as you walk back down the aisle after the kiss!

Perfectly Themed Paper

Set the tone from the start! Your save the dates and wedding invitations hold the clue for your wedding’s style and theme. Find a design that has the fall inspiration you’d like, from earth tones to rustic designs or seasonal flowers. Continue that design with your ceremony program, name cards, and seating chart.

Delightful Decor

Your decor for an autumn wedding is as easy as pie (pumpkin, obviously!). All the little details can be updated with a fall twist. Name cards can be held in mini leaves or mini pumpkins, or you could even paint tiny pumpkins or squashes and write names on with a metallic pen. Beautiful orange vases can be used for the centerpieces, and your cake can rest on a tree stand. For a dramatic and festive vibe, bring darker hues into your tablescape designs, like black plates or candles. Be bold!

Autumn Attire

Fall clothing is a dream: heavier fabrics, shining metallics, and long sleeves. Gem tones like emerald and ruby make floor length dresses in velvet a stunning option for bridesmaids. Heighten the glamor of the day with jewel tones, lace, and accessories like leaf hair clips and faux fur shrugs. The groomsmen can be equally adorned with plaid accents, gray suits, and matching pocket squares. Don’t be afraid to use vibrant shades!

Classic Cakes vs. Neutral Nude Styles

Let’s start with the traditional cake: it’s usually one color for the icing then decorated with real or iced flowers. This option is breathtaking, especially when using the flowers that are in season, designs with leaves, or drizzles of caramel and ganache. There’s no way to go wrong, and you can dress up your design with easy autumn touches.

For a gorgeous alternative, a naked wedding cake is ideal for an autumn wedding. This minimally frosted or completed naked cake can be decorated with berries, fall fruits, and acorns. The look is totally different but just as visually pleasing. Look through Pinterest or wedding magazines and websites for inspiration and find a style that makes you smile.

Incorporating fall into a cake goes beyond the exterior: think delicious flavors! Pumpkin or apple spice, hazelnut chocolate, red velvet, and salted caramel are a few to consider. No matter your choice, it’ll be delicious!

Fall Food Trends

Delectable cuisine options continue when you select a wedding menu that captures fall flavors. Creativity reigns supreme! Collaborate with your caterer for their expertise and ideas to highlight the harvest. Imagine pumpkin soup inside a cute little pumpkin, and salads inside a carved-out squash. Colors will abound by using the vegetables and delicacies in season.

Dessert branches out beyond a cake as well. Consider a table dedicated to easy nibbles, like donuts, caramel corn, popcorn, and of course, candied apples. People love having snacks, especially at the end of the night. If you anticipate your bar to be heartier, help everyone stay smart with late night dining, like pizzas with corn, burrata, and spiced pork, or tacos with chili-roasted butternut squash, leafy kale, and flavorful chicken.

Fall-Inspired Favors

The trend of foodie fall favors is too yummy to ignore. For special and distinctive favors, explore local maple syrup, honey, chocolates, sauces, mini pies, and even s’mores to go. Farmers markets carry endless ideas and vendors would love to supply items that promote their own business. Food is always a popular and used favor that reminds your guests just how delicious and fun your wedding was. Pro tip: show your gracious side by giving favors to the people who have helped you so much, like your photographer, band or DJ, and caterer. When in doubt, give favors out!

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