The wedding is one of the most memorable days a couple will ever have. This is why Sarina Parhawk of helps couples by listing things that should be considered when picking the one hall out of all the good banquet halls in Michigan.

Banquet Hall

The Guest-ing Game

The public declaration of fidelity is as public as you want it to be. The number and type of guests is a major factor in determining the location of the wedding. If, for example, the guests of the wedding will bring a lot of toddlers, having a bit more space to let these kids run around without bumping into the wedding cake is a good thing to consider.

“If you have a long list, you definitely need a large banquet hall with a separate dining and serving are. However, if you are just inviting a few close relatives and friends, one small hall with seating and food stalls will be sufficient. So, check the number of people the hall can accommodate at one time and plan accordingly.”

Facilitating the Facilities

The available facilities will also play a factor on choosing reception halls in Michigan perfect for your wedding. Some banquet halls will work with you when it comes to tweaking the place to fit your needs. You can either go with a complete package including food and sound systems or handle each aspect separately.

“There are two options–you can either choose a banquet hall that takes responsibility for everything from food, activities and decoration to entertainment, or you can hire services separately. The second option can be difficult to manage since you will have to arrange and monitor everything. Banquets offering a complete package are a better option if they can guarantee quality and high standards.”

The Price Tag

A reception hall that is simply perfect for you and your dream wedding may come at a hefty price. Searching for other locations that offer similar services at a more affordable rate is better than having to bust your personal funds for a grandiose but economically-unwise wedding.

The wedding is only the first step to a lifetime of love, so it pays to make the most out of the experience. Couples preparing for their big day can contact reputable halls like Crystal Gardens for more details.

(Article Excerpt and Image from 3 Tips on Choosing a Good Banquet Hall for Your Wedding,, December 25, 2013)