One of the most enjoyable parts of the wedding process is the excitement of shopping for your wedding registry. Once you start scanning, you might be surprised at all the things you need as you and your spouse start filling your home.

It’s important to do your research on the must-have items to add (and the ones to avoid!) before you hit the department stores. Luckily, our event specialists and wedding planning team at Crystal Gardens Banquet Center did the hard work for you, putting together this list of wedding registry tips & tricks so that you can get to the fun part faster! Now you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon with your spouse, putting together your registry, while making sure you get the stuff you need.

Wedding Registry Tips:

1. Register for items from a wide range of price points, so that guests on any budget can find you a meaningful gift. You’ll have some items on your registry that are more expensive for the family members who want to splurge, but remember—not every guest can do that.

2. Check out the return policies for your registry items, and make sure the stores you select offer an exchange and refund policy.

3. Register at several stores—both online and offline—so your guests don’t feel limited. This gives them a more exciting and meaningful experience while choosing your gift.

4. Prepare your wedding registry in advance, so your guests have enough time to find the perfect gift without having to shop last-minute.

5. Register for items that will last, because the best wedding gifts are the ones that you can use and cherish for many years.

6. Give your guests a few unique wedding registry ideas, so they can feel like they are personalizing your gift. While everyone wants to get you something you will use and love, some friends and family like to go outside the box!

7. Don’t skip the everyday items—consider the things you use in your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom on a daily basis.

8. Register for a few items that have a personal touch, like monogrammed or personalized gifts.

These tips will help you start navigating the registry process. We’ve also put together a list of wedding registry must-haves—some you probably didn’t even think of!


Register for a hand mixer and a stand mixer; they will both come in handy for different kitchen tasks, particularly for bakers.

A good set of dishes and silverware

Opt for neutral colors, so they will match your kitchen and decor as it changes throughout the years. This also makes it easy to replace a broken dish, or add more to what you already have.

A cookware set

Register for a set that has everything you need—frying pans, sauce pans, sautè pans, etc. Go for a high-quality, non-stick cast iron and/or stainless steel set.

A set of cutting knives

A set of sharp, quality cutting knives are essential in any kitchen. This is an item you should “splurge” on, because they will be used often, and a good set will last for a very long time.

Serving dishes

Register for a variety of sizes that are made from high quality materials. Cast iron is a great option, so they can be safely put in the oven.

Mixing bowls

Get a few in different sizes, and stay away from plastic—they don’t last as long as stainless steel or glass.


Vacuum cleaners can be pricey, but you’ll want (and need) a good one that lasts for years.

Slow cooker

A slow cooker is a genius gift, and a kitchen staple.

Toaster oven

A toaster does the job and is a necessity in a home, but if you are looking for something more versatile, opt for a toaster oven instead.

Dutch Oven

Couples love the Lodge Dutch Oven – perfect for preparing holiday dinners or meals for a large group.

Food storage containers

Think sturdy and stain-free (lean towards glass ones), and remember to look for a set that’s dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe.

Bedroom and bathroom linens

You can register for bath rugs, pillows, duvet comforters, bedsheets, wash cloths—any linen you use everyday in your bedroom and bathroom.


This isn’t an odd item to have on your registry! Hopefully, you can put them to use soon after your wedding for a honeymoon. Register for a set that has a selection of different sized suitcases.

All of these suggestions will come in handy as you start the wedding registry process, but the most important tip we can give you is to have fun! Don’t stress while you’re working on your wedding registry—this is an exciting part! Just know what you need and make your list together, as a couple. If you need more ideas, we are always happy to help! Get in touch with our event and wedding specialists at Crystal Gardens Banquet Center by email, or at 877.545.1002.