Every bride needs her tribe: her support system, her bridesmaids. These are the most important people in her life, and she chose them to stand by her on her big day. Among this tribe of bridesmaids, the bride needs her partner in crime, her right-hand and go-to person. Her Maid of Honor.

Crystal Gardens- Howell, MI - MOH roles and duties

If you’ve been given the ultimate honor of serving as Maid or Matron of Honor (MOH), then you’re the one the bride is counting on the most; you are her VIP. You should feel lucky to be trusted with this important duty — but be prepared for some extra responsibilities beyond those of a normal bridesmaid.

If you haven’t served as a MOH before, then you probably don’t know what to expect or where to begin.The event specialists at Crystal Gardens Banquet Center put together a MOH guide to help prepare you for all the duties you will fulfill and the roles you will play on your best friend’s big day. Take notes so you’re prepared to be the ultimate Maid of Honor!

As the Maid of Honor, you are the bride’s….

1. Advocate

The number one job of every MOH is to support the bride — always. You are the closest to her, and it’s your job to keep her best interests in mind throughout the entire process. When wedding planners or family members are being pushy and overbearing, it’s your job as the MOH to back the bride, and help her negotiate. When other bridesmaids are fussing or feuding, you’re the peacekeeper who keeps the negative vibes away from the bride.

2. Personal Assistant

It doesn’t sound glamorous, but this is the MVP of all MOH roles. You’re the communications coordinator, making sure everyone who needs to know anything is in the loop. As the MOH, you’re also the taskmaster, in charge of getting things done without missing important details — call on the other bridesmaids, and delegate tasks and errands.

3. Fashion Stylist

You’re a key player in the bride’s search for the perfect wedding dress and accessories. Let her know you understand her vision, and you’re on the same page — she is depending on you to help her choose her look for the big day. Make sure she feels confident while shopping, but be honest if you can tell she isn’t completely in love with what she’s trying on. It’s also your job to play a similar role in choosing the bridesmaids dresses, which you will be wearing!

Crystal Gardens- Howell, MI - MOH roles and duties

Your styling assistance doesn’t end after the dresses are chosen. The MOH is in charge of making sure the bride looks her best throughout the entire day and night. Arrange the bride’s train and veil before she walks down the aisle. Keep makeup and hair tools on hand so you can help her touch-up before pictures, and between the ceremony and reception. When it comes time to hit the dance floor, help bustle her train and change her shoes.

4. Leader of the Pack

You’re not a babysitter, but it is your job to direct the other bridesmaids through their duties. The MOH ensures all bridesmaids get the right dresses and accessories, and attend dress fittings. On the wedding day, make sure they get their hair and makeup done, and get to the wedding on time (with the right bouquets!). It sounds like nagging, but it’s not. It’s your job to take care of these things so the bride doesn’t have to worry about them. Of course, the bridesmaids are completely capable of doing these things themselves — you’re just serving as the coordinator of chaos, because things can get hectic when everyone gets caught up in the excitement.

5. Party Planner

It’s customary for the MOH to host or co-host the bridal shower, and plan the bachelorette party. Don’t try to tackle these by all yourself — the other bridesmaids are there to help with the celebrations.

Crystal Gardens- Howell, MI - MOH roles and duties

6. Counselor

You’re the listening ear and shoulder to cry on when the bride needs to vent, or needs advice. Whether it’s about coordinating plans, the marriage, or choosing a blender for the registry — listen and be there when she needs it. It’s one of the most simple, but most important roles you serve in as the MOH.

If you’ve been asked to be a Maid or Matron of Honor, consider it a special and exciting experience — you were hand-chosen by the bride to help make her wedding everything she imagined. If you’re diving in to your MOH duties for the first time, we hope this guide helps you prepare for your biggest roles as the bride’s right-hand woman. If you need more wedding planning resources, read more of our blogs. Or contact us by email, or at 877.545.1002.