The success of a conference or any other event primarily hinges on the organizers’ choice of venue. This was confirmed by events organizing group Great Events Made Easy (GEVME), whose founders conducted a study last year of the top 5 things to consider in choosing a venue. “In a recent study that we did, 45 per cent of unique click-throughs during the registration process was to the Event map. People were clearly using the map to check (if) they would be able to get to the venue before making their bookings,” writes Damon Wee, in-house event manager for GEVME.

Choosing Events

Wee also mentions an industry report by the Institute of Business Travel Management (IBTM), which surveyed event organizers in Europe on what they consider as important factors in their choice of event venue. The report revealed that 73.7% of respondents claimed location is the most significant factor, while 57.9% and 52.6% said quality of service and price, respectively.

While venue accessibility was given high consideration, the features and amenities should also be taken into account. After all, a location should be equally spacious and well-equipped, to accommodate the volume of attendees and to handle the unique logistical needs of such gatherings. Reputable conference centers in Michigan, like Crystal Gardens, have wireless internet, free parking space, in-house catering, and other services that make for a successful event.

Other things need to be considered as well, such as accessibility for physically disabled persons. Accommodations are necessary if the event will last for at least two days. This entails the need for excellent beds and toilet facilities within the site, unless the participants have lodging arrangements elsewhere.

Still, location is king when it comes to events. A good location should provide a good backdrop for taking ‘souvenir’ photos. The best Michigan conference centers are situated in forests, lakes, mountains, and other landscapes that serve as beautiful backgrounds for postcards, snapshots, or for simply making memories with new friends. An awesome location can never be replicated by any digital photography software.

(Article Information and Image from “Why location is key when choosing event venue and destination,” GEVME, December 09, 2013)