It’s a well-established fact that you can’t invite everyone you know to your wedding. For starters, the venue’s limited capacity is hardly the issue here.

Invite in Wedding

Wedding experts always cite the importance of etiquette in a wedding, inasmuch as planning for one. As the bride or groom-to-be, this is supposed to be your special day; making it awkward by inviting certain individuals may generate a strange atmosphere. Bridal stylist Renee Strauss lists down some people who might need some thinking first.


“Unless your ex is your best friend and your partner has no qualms whatsoever about your close relationship, there is absolutely no reason to invite former lovers to your wedding.”

Generally, there’s nothing wrong with inviting your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend to your wedding; but make an assessment first. Experts say it depends on the situation, let alone how the two former lovebirds fare in life after they decided to go their separate ways. An ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is easier to invite to a wedding than an ex-spouse.

However, take note that some instances don’t take dancing with exes lightly. Always put priority on your new partner in life. When in doubt, in this case, cross exes off the list.

Boss at Work

“Although it may seem awkward not to invite your boss, it may be even more awkward to invite him or her, especially if no one else from work is on your guest list.”

High-end Michigan wedding venues like Crystal Gardens are an entirely different world from your 31st floor office. However, if you’re keen on inviting your office colleagues, wedding planners suggest inviting a small contingent. When the party involves getting crazy, your superior is definitely the last person you want looking at you.


“Etiquette experts have a number of opinions on who gets a plus one: Some say any single person over the age of 18 (others go as low as 16), while some say that you’re only required to give a guest a plus one if he or she is cohabiting with a partner.”

If you plan on inviting a friend who is in a relationship, don’t settle for your friend alone; either that or don’t invite him at all. Inviting either of a “plus-one” or people with special somebodies is like taking lovebirds apart. This is probably why you see pairs of names in many invitations.

Above all else, remember that you’re not required to invite any type of person. Choosing who to spend your special day with you at beautiful small wedding venues in Michigan is up to you.

(Article excerpt from “The 7 People You Definitely Don’t Have to Invite to Your Wedding,” Huffington Post, April 27, 2013)