If you’re planning a wedding, you know they can get pricey: that’s why you’re being savvy and thinking of ways to cut-back on costs without having to sacrifice any details of your dream day.

The best way to cut costs is actually a great way to make your wedding unique and personalized: bring out your inner do-it-yourselfer and create your own custom and beautiful wedding decorations.

The DIY route doesn’t have to be complicated and it will save you major bucks in the end. You don’t need anything over-the-top to create elegant and inexpensive decorations. Many DIY decoration tools are cheap, everyday items that are simple to find (if you don’t already have them on hand!)

Here’s a few of the most simple items you can use for DIY decorations. With your personal touch, they will be one-of-a-kind and will complete the theme of your wedding. Most importantly, these DIY tips will leave more money in your bank for that dream honeymoon!

Picture frames

Big, small, plastic, or glass; picture frames make great DIY wedding decorations. Use them to display table numbers, food and cocktail menus, and generations of family wedding photos. Grab a couple of cheap ones from your local dollar or craft store, and add your own details: spray paint them, decorate them with detailed jewels and pearls, or even leave them as-is.

Gold picture frame with chalk sign inside that reads "thank you for coming".Collage of three photos all featuring picture frames being used for decor at wedding.


If you’re using picture frames to display something with words, like table numbers and menus, simply print (or, hand-letter!) on any kind of paper and slip it into the frame. Once the wedding is over, the frames can be used again—bonus! 

Collage of taking white picture frame and adding in numbers to create table number signs for wedding.

Mirrors and chalk boards

If you are looking for a fun and simple DIY wedding decoration idea, mirrors and chalkboards are just for you. Mirrors are fun because you can hit resale shops, antique stores and garage sales to find unique pieces. A permanent marker, paint marker or dry-erase marker can be used to write beautiful messages, seating charts and menus. If you’re not super confident in your handwriting skills, bring in the talent and hire a calligrapher!

Large gold frame mirror with white writing on it placed on stand.Gold frame used as DIY wedding decor to welcome guest

Chalkboards are just as fun and also can be used for signs, menus and seating charts. Create beautiful designs and lettering using your own talents or templates. Don’t worry about any mistakes—chalk is easy to erase, giving you a fresh slate to start over!

Large chalk board sign with a welcome post written in white chalk.


If you want to get to the really cheap and simple stuff, let’s talk about rope—it can be used for more than camping! Any kind of rope is useful for many DIY wedding decorations, especially thin twine. Not convinced? You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the beautiful detail it can add to any decoration.

Escort card display sign using frame and string for a rustic feel.


Mason jars are used for just about anything these days, and they are especially popular in the wedding world—simply because they are so versatile and elegant (and, super cheap!)

Four distressed mason jars painted in blush tones used as vases for DIY wedding decor.

A DIY glassware project is always fun because you can do just about anything with mason jars, plain flower vases, and even wine glasses: paint them, glitter them, hang them, and fill them. You can get cheap glassware just about anywhere—usually for less than $1 per piece! Again, try your local dollar or craft store.

Glass vases being painted with Mod Podge and glitter.

Stringed lights

Stringed lights are the secret weapon of DIY wedding decorations; they can make anything look classy and beautiful. The twinkling lights will give your wedding atmosphere a magical feel—and they won’t cost you big bucks.

Night wedding with tables sat outside under string lights.

Pick up a couple packs of 200-string clear, white lights, and get creative. Use them as stand-alone decorations, or incorporate them into other decorations, like centerpieces and overhangs. Be a savvy saver and wrap them up after the wedding—no need to buy Christmas lights this year!

Hula hoop wrapped with string lights for DIY wedding decor.


Spray paint and glitter

While you may think “preschool art project” when you hear paint and glitter, you can create beautiful and classy decorations without making them look cheap. If you’re willing to get down and dirty, glitter is no challenge for you. Spray paint is a DIY bride’s best friends. You can use it on just about anything, and you can most likely find a color (if not many colors) that match your theme.

Glass vase with gold glitter with flower and tea light used as DIY wedding decorations on table.DIY painted rose gold painted wine bottles with flowers inside on table.


As rustic as it sounds, wood is the most simple, versatile and cheap element you can incorporate into your DIY wedding decorations. It doesn’t have to be tree trunks and branches: you can use wood for other fun decorations, like a photobooth, or decorative signs.

Bride and Groom posing behind a wood cutout.

The details of your wedding are what bring the day alive, but that doesn’t mean you need to drop a boat-load of cash to make those beautiful details a reality. Choose your dream venue, then let your DIY decorations bring the space to life, all while staying within your budget. Once you see it all come to life, the time you spent creating the decorations will feel overwhelmingly worth it.

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