How Indoor Venues Can Make Michigan Wedding Receptions Much SaferLast May, The Telegraph reported on an incident at a wedding reception in England’s Berkshire County. Apparently, the false floor of the marquee collapsed when the first course was about to be served. As a result, majority of the guests and catering staff were thrown to the ground along with tables, chairs, and glassware; this turned what was supposed to be a happy occasion into a somber one.

In the United States, a marquee refers to the theater sign bearing the name of a film or a play like the one in Michigan’s famous Fox Theater, but in the United Kingdom, it refers to a large tent with open sides that’s set up in receptions. In the aforementioned incident, a false floor had to be set up because of an uneven lawn. Thus, Michigan couples who plan to have a similar outdoor setup can re-consider and look into indoor venues for wonderful wedding receptions in Michigan instead.

The paper also reported that no one was injured in the incident. However, it can serve as a cautionary tale for couples who prefer an outdoor venue for their wedding reception. An outdoor reception is indeed more casual and relaxed, but indoor wedding reception halls in Michigan provide a more elegant atmosphere, just like what the Crystal Gardens Banquet Center offers.

The silver lining here was that the wedding was covered by insurance. UK wedding insurance typically covers related disasters, as well as cancellations due to extreme weather conditions and the like. US wedding insurance is also available, but the safest route to take may be an indoor wedding reception in order to avoid such fiascoes.

It was also mentioned that wedding mishaps occur not only because of environmental or weather conditions but also because of inept florists, photographers, or caterers. To avoid such issues, couples can thoroughly research on wedding venues that have reputable vendors as partners. The Crystal Gardens Banquet Center, for one, has preferred vendors, ranging from DJ services to limousine services.

Weddings are something couples look forward to, as they make their union official. Thus, they want it to be perfect as possible. If they prefer an outdoor wedding, they must prepare for possible trainwrecks or better yet, go with an indoor wedding instead.