The website has a January 20, 2014 article that details the amazing upside-down wedding cake a celebrity had for her wedding reception. Wedding receptions aren’t to be underestimated, and both the bride and groom will want to make sure that all their guests are happy and satisfied. The wedding cake is perhaps the centerpiece of any reception, and sure enough, the baked piece of art featured in the article is extremely popular:

Facebook Fans

“During her New Year’s Eve nuptials, Cuoco posted a photo of the cake to her Twitter and Instagram accounts, and “our traffic went insane,” said Sara Beveridge, director of operations at the Butter End. “We have 3,000 new Instagram followers,” which more than doubled traffic, “and 2,000 new Facebook fans.””

Wedding cakes can appear as grandiose as possible, yet they comprise just one aspect of the reception. In most wedding receptions, the cake serves as the centerpiece of a menu that has to be carefully planned for, and should be appetizingly and excellently executed. Professional catering in Michigan is, fortunately, just a call away, so couples can conveniently arrange for delectable meals to supplement the festivities.

Most couples tend to choose their favorite foods to make up their reception menu, and while it’s sure to be a hit for the newlyweds, it might not exactly click with the rest of the party. A safer bet would be to consult with expert caterers in Michigan, such as Crystal Gardens Banquet Center. Caterers can help guide couples into coming up with a balanced and delicious menu plan that can leave both the newlyweds and their guests feeling good.

(Article Information and Image from This Cake Has 2,000 Facebook Fans,, January 20, 2014)