The Wall Street Journal’s website has an article dated January 7, 2014 that details up and coming trends for this year’s weddings. Couples tend to fashion their weddings after those of popular celebrities, although there are some breakout trends that are both original and exciting. One such trend is the rise of wedding parties that take all night:

Wedding Trends

“All-Nighter Weddings

Couples these days like to party more than ever, and want their weddings to last as long as possible. Enter the all-nighter wedding. Once the reception ends, the party continues. Couples keep the fun going by changing up the style and vibe and moving the party into another room or even an alternate venue. The after-party even has a completely different décor look with couture late-night comfort food bites and custom drink pairings. One big important to-do for those taking this route: arrange for transportation home or back to the hotel so that none of the guests drive home afterwards.”

While it’s a lot of fun to have a wedding with a chock full of activities, it would be all for nothing without the proper venue to hold them all in. Whether the newlyweds want a party following the reception, or they want a quiet setting for their vows, the proper location helps dictate the mood of the celebration. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of luxurious locations for lovely wedding receptions in Michigan.

Naturally, reception venues have to be decorated to suit the theme of the occasion, yet the locations need to be more than just pretty spots. Space and function are vital elements in a good wedding reception hall, and couples should plan for as much of these as needed to accommodate their guests. Award-winning wedding reception venues in Michigan, such as Crystal Gardens Banquet Center, offer a place which can not only comfortably host the couple’s guests, but can also be easily transformed to suit the newlywed’s preferred wedding theme.

(Article Information and Image from What Does The 2014 Wedding Look Like? Envisions The Hottest Wedding Trends For Brides And Grooms Across America, Wall Street Journal, January 7, 2014)