A Douglas County Sentinel story published December 14, 2013 details how catering for a conference center has become such a big issue that it became an article for discussion within the city council. It writes:

Catering Issue

“After months of complaints and issues with the quality and service of the food provided to patrons by Carole Parks catering who had been given exclusivity under a multi-year contract, the issue came to a head with two very high-profile flops. The last straw was apparently a recent Cultural Arts Council Gala, where poor quality, insufficient quantity and some cold food was served.

“We have worked and worked to try to address issues and I don’t think there is anyone who would argue that it wasn’t working and a change had to be made,” […] “At this point, there has been a thorough analysis done and we’ve made the decision to cut ties with Carole Parks. Now we must look at the option that will provide for the best possible transition.””

It is understandable why the move was necessary; the government-owned conference center is a tool for the promotion of culture and the arts. However, the article also brought to light the benefits that privately-owned conference centers in Michigan and elsewhere have over government properties.

A conference is the means by which individuals brought together by the conference’s theme meet and make connections with each other. A great conference will require great speakers, a logistically sound location, and—more importantly—good food.

A location suitable for any kind of conference must have certain criteria fulfilled to be able to bring a pleasurable experience for everyone involved. First, the location will matter. The conference center’s proximity to major transportation hubs and hotels will mean less time for travel and more time for connections. Other factors to consider in location include the manpower to operate audio-visual systems and the size of the venue.

Catering should also be a factor in choosing conference venues. Whether the catering is done on or off the premises, the food shouldn’t fall short both in quality and quantity. Government contracts are big deals for these venues, which is why the venues make it a point to serve the best dishes they can make.

Choosing the right location out of all the good Michigan conference centers may be difficult , but the right one will make any conference a success. Individuals or groups looking to hold a conference should contact reputable venues like Crystal Gardens for more details.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Conference Center catering issue creating public concern, Douglas County Sentinel, December 14, 2013)