As Anne of Green Gables said dreamily, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” We agree with Miss Shirley and will add September and November to that statement! If you’re one of the lucky couples taking advantage of the most colorful season of the year, we have the top trends to make your fall day fabulous!

The Beauty of the Outdoors…While Inside!

The comfort of open-air spaces can be utilized perfectly during cool fall days. Our Open Air Chapel is a breathtaking option that’s available through October. For couples preferring a tent, the side flaps make the outdoors part of your evening without the weather having the chance to impact it. Include heaters to be dispersed between the tables, and you’re prepared for anything. Having tons of colorful hats, gloves, and scarves available is another way for guests to stay warm and adds a whimsical flair to the photos and ambiance.

QR Code Responses 

That’s right! If anyone you’ve ever known has been married, you’ll problably recall them lamenting to you that they still hadn’t received all their RSVPs. Was their cousin coming, or bringing a guest? What about that family of five they hadn’t heard back from?

Save yourself the stress by providing a traditional mail-in response, and a custom QR code that gives your guests the ability to submit a digital response of yes or no. It’s instant, it’s recorded, and it’s easy!

Individuality Is In Vogue

While your great Aunt Ruth may be a little faint at the thought of the bride coming down the aisle in something besides white, you’ve got a free pass to do whatever you’d like. Be gone, old traditions! Something blue can literally be your wedding dress color in 2022. There are no rules anymore, so if you feel your best in red, go for it. A sleek pantsuit? Love it. Be bold, be comfortable, and be you! 

Specialty Bars and Stations

Pumpkin spice latte, anyone? You can put the favorite tastes of fall into your bar! Coffee stations are a very chic late-night addition and having flavored options and spices to dash into your mug is incredibly fun (think nutmeg, chocolate shavings, and cinnamon). Transition those hot drinks into a martini, and you’ve got pumpkin spice, apple cider, smoky mezcal tequilas, and even Fireball cocktails. There’s no limit to the creativity that an experienced mixologist can offer.

DIY is most popular when it requires minimal effort, so consider a Do-It-Yourself dessert station! S’mores satisfy everyone’s inner child and can be turned gourmet. Offer the traditional graham crackers, Hershey bars, and marshmallows, as well as a menu of other ideas. Chocolate chip cookies or peanut butter cookies can be used as the outer shells, with inside additions like candy bars, cool whip, or frosting. Who needs a traditional cake when things like cider doughnuts, coffee crumble muffins, and s’mores are in fashion?

An Extended Wedding

One of the benefits of the last few years has been the change to remote working and flexible jobs. This means that your wedding weekend can be longer than ever before! Many guests will be able to partake in an extra day or two, especially those traveling long distances. Consider a relaxing welcome party at somewhere perfectly in season: a pumpkin patch or farm. If you’re into the outdoors, you can organize hikes or even a hayride. The sports-obsessed guests will praise you forever if you make part of the weekend a mini tailgate with a football game, corn hole, easy pizzas and barbeque food, and crafts for the children. Kids will remember your wedding weekend when they can be part of it beyond the formal parts (and if you’re hosting this kick-off party yourself at your home, win all the bonus points in the world by renting those little monkeys a bounce house). 

Pro tip: explore hiring a photographer to take fun pictures of you and your guests in this relaxed environment. You may find some pictures that you love just as much as the ones on your wedding day, and you can send copies to the attendees later as a priceless thank you.

Theme It Up!

Themes are not only becoming more common, but more popular with guests. Show your unique side with a theme that sparks joy in your life (yes, we are Marie Kondo-ing your wedding!). Theme ideas can be the art deco style of The Great Gatsby, the British glamor of the popular Bridgerton show, the bohemian prettiness of the 1960’s, and the rustic farm-to-table looks of the fall season. 

You can incorporate your theme into the invitations, decor, and if you’re daring, encourage guests to dress in the style. Providing themed accessories for the photos or photo booth is a clever way for attendees to be involved without having to buy a new outfit, too!

Does the glorious fall season sound fabulous for your wedding? We think so, too! Connect with our event coordinators at Crystal Gardens now to learn more!