Surely, every couple looks forward to making their wedding the best ceremony of their lives. It’s not a stretch to imagine that many of them also try to pull off all the romance without abandoning practicality. Consumerist published an article on February 25, 2014 that aims to help them make that happen:

Most Expensive Steps

“The first thing you will need to do is pick a wedding date, and the date you pick will ultimately determine the prices you’re quoted for the wedding venue and/or reception hall.

Let’s start with the day of the week.

Saturday nights are usually the most expensive time to book an affair, so you should expect the highest price then.

Fridays are less expensive. Just make sure to start things late enough so your guests have time to get home from work and prepare.

Daytime weekend dates are also less expensive (and offer very nice natural lighting for your photos), and weeknights are generally a bargain.

The time of the year is also important, especially if you live in an area that’s colder in the winter. June and September are peak nuptial months, and honestly any time from May through October will be on the higher side.”

True, there are many other pointers to consider, such as the wedding dress, the music, and official photography. However, it is most important for couples to find the most apt place to hold memorable weddings in Michigan.

There are different advantages to choosing a banquet hall for the wedding or the reception. One of these is the fact that, with a ready staff and equipment at the venue, the newlyweds will have the luxury of worrying less about the details and logistics of their ceremony and afterparty. They can lose themselves in their moment and enjoy every minute of their wedding without, for example, having to think of who will clean up after the festivities.

Another perk to using beautiful wedding halls in Michigan is the topnotch service of in-house staff. Locations like Crystal Gardens Banquet Center have professionals who will be able to provide the best food and experience possible to guests.

Finally, a banquet hall can be considered like a blank canvass. Couples can have it decorated following any motif they wish—even if they are eyeing something as unusual as a sci-fi themed wedding.

People deserve nothing but the best on their wedding day, and choosing a good venue will bring them one step closer to having a wedding that will last in their minds for a very long time.

(Source: How To Not Suck At Planning Your Wedding, Part 1: The Most Expensive Steps, Consumerist, February 24, 2014)