Getting married should be a once in a lifetime event. Being special, the wedding reception needs to be held in a special place. Choosing the right venue for the reception can make the difference between a memorable time and a boring or even disastrous one.

Wedding Ceremony

If you are planning on getting married in Michigan, then you will find that there are many wonderful venues and wedding reception halls in Michigan from which to choose. In an article published in the titled – 10 Best sites in Michigan to have your Wedding Ceremony and Reception, the author says:

“Now I normally don’t do a “Best” list, as there are many, many great locations and venues all over Michigan, each offering their own unique setting. But I am often asked by brides to give advice on a number of wedding-related things, such as which vendors to use and various wedding ideas. The #1 question I am asked though, by far, is – What are your favorite locations?”

The best place to have wedding receptions in Michigan for any particular wedding depends on several factors. You may find the most amazing beautiful place, but you have to ask yourself – Is it practical?

First is the budget of course, secondly the kind of reception you are envisioning. Does the decor fit the style of your wedding and its colors? Will you have to spend extra money on flowers and decorations to make it be in line with your wedding theme, if you have one?

What about room for a band and dancing? Do they have adequate bathroom facilities? Then you have to think about the most important part of your reception, the food! Having plenty of room for tables and an exquisite dining ambience is what will really make the event perfect.

Of course, then the issue of who will provide the catering has to be addressed. If the venue has in – house catering that can be convenient, but perhaps the food they serve isn’t to your liking. You need to know if you can choose caterers or if the venue insists that, you use their own service.

So many things to think about before signing a contract. Don’t sign on the dotted line until you have thought about all these things.

If are not sure about what you want exactly and how to go about arranging everything, there are venues such as Crystal Gardens Banquet Center that provide complete catering and event services. They have a choice of ballrooms to fit your wedding’s style and even have an indoor and outdoor chapel for an all-one wedding and reception solution.

(Article Excerpt and Image from 10 Best sites in Michigan to have your Wedding Ceremony and Reception, May 13, 2010)