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A Groom’s Guide to Properly Planning Wonderful Weddings in Michigan

Back in June, posted an article offering useful wedding planning tips. The twist? The grooms were the target audience. The reason behind this is that in recent years, grooms have been more involved in the wedding planning process and have been doing more than merely showing up on time on the wedding day, standing […]

A Guide to Choosing from Among Many Amazing Michigan Wedding Venues

Last August, 2012, the New York Times’ Helaine Olen wrote a feature on the increasing popularity of intimate weddings versus extravagant ones. In recent years, more couples have been going for small weddings, even those who can obviously afford to have big ones. In fact, even billionaire and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg opted for a […]

On Finding the Best Michigan Catering Services, and Other Wedding Tips

Couples have a high regard for their wedding day because it makes their loving union official. It’s only natural for them to wish that things go perfectly; unfortunately, according to Iowa’s Better Business Bureau (BBB), a wedding day can be the day that Murphy’s Law takes full effect. To avoid this, it’s advisable for couples […]

How Indoor Venues Can Make Michigan Wedding Receptions Much Safer

Last May, The Telegraph reported on an incident at a wedding reception in England’s Berkshire County. Apparently, the false floor of the marquee collapsed when the first course was about to be served. As a result, majority of the guests and catering staff were thrown to the ground along with tables, chairs, and glassware; this […]

Expressing Yourself with Elegant Wedding Banquet Halls in Michigan

Personalizing your wedding should not be limited to what you wear; it should extend to your wedding reception too. According to Chris Obenschain in an article published on, when personalizing your wedding reception, you should choose a site that can express your personality, regardless of your budget, style, and number of guests. For a […]

The Right Michigan Conference Centers Combine Efficiency and Ambience lists down some of the most important details to consider when choosing a conference venue. These include the location, logistics, and budget. The article also mentions amenities such as meals and coffee as things to look into when choosing a conference venue. The state of Michigan hosts numerous meetings, conferences, training sessions, and […]