Is a Saturday wedding really better than a Friday?  Many would beg to differ.  There are plenty of great reasons to consider hosting a wedding on a Friday.


  • Guests’ work schedules are often flexible enough to allow them to leave early on a Friday (and who doesn’t like sneaking out of work early on a Friday!)
  • Following the wedding, guests still have their weekends free, whereas a Saturday wedding eats up most of the day between ceremony and reception
  • Out-of-town guests will have an added day to visit or to travel home
  • Airfare is less expensive for out-of-town guests mid-week versus on a weekend


  • Wedding vendors have greater availability on Fridays
  • Vendors are more flexible with packages, timing & options on Fridays
  • Friday weddings often have greater negotiation power with vendors
  • Planning a rehearsal dinner?  Most restaurants are much more accommodating of large group dinners on Thursdays


  • Friday receptions start later…and so can hair appointments, makeup, & pictures; this leaves more time to sleep in & relax on the big day
  • No early morning drives to the airport!  Most honeymoon packages start on Sunday, so the day after the wedding the bride and groom can sleep in, open gifts and visit with out-of-town guests