Planning a wedding can be grueling for the couple, but if you manage to pull it off without a hitch, you will find that everything you’ve gone through in the process will have been well worth it. Many say that the secret to a successful wedding reception is the satisfactory impression the event leaves on your guests, such as an unforgettable dinner, thanks to the Michigan catering service that you hired, and of course, your outstanding style, which could have either one of these:

Wedding Catering

Themed Menu

If you’re planning a themed wedding, such as one inspired by a particular country or culture, then choosing the theme could be pretty much a no-brainer. However, your wedding ceremony itself doesn’t have to be themed to match your menu – you can opt for oriental cuisine, fine English dining, or even a nice barbecue, whichever food menu you believe you and your guests will enjoy.

Stunning Presentation

Food doesn’t just have to be delicious, it should be visually appealing as well, more so for such a grandiose occasion as a wedding. Choose a caterer who can turn each plate into an artwork and each piece of hors d’oeuvre into a feast for the eyes as much as it is for their taste buds. Presentation makes a huge part of what makes dining a truly unforgettable experience.

Simple Elegance

Amy Gordon of Wedding the Knot talks about how sometimes, less is simply more:

Sometimes the simplest foods presented in an elegant, bountiful manner have a more memorable effect than a wide variety of offerings. Colin Cowie offers this advice in his book For The Bride: “You can make a statement of style with one or two spectacular dishes. For example, instead of having ten different tray-passed appetizers during the cocktail hour, serve mountains of jumbo shrimp or sliced smoked salmon.”

Touch of Story

For that nice, personal touch, you can also opt to choose a menu with dishes especially memorable and important to you and your partner – let your wedding food tell your story! Where you first met, had your first date, where your most memorable trip happened; all of these romantic facts can be detailed based on what you serve your guests.

There are many companies who offer catering services to weddings in Michigan to help you plan the best wedding reception. In the end though, it should all be about how you and your partner celebrate your special day, in the presence of all the family and friends whom you have loved throughout your life.

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