When you look back on all the weddings you’ve attended, which ones stood out the most? The things people remember are the unique and personal touches that a couple uses for their big day, whether it’s a dog ring bearer or a photobooth with signs. Weddings follow a traditional format that can sometimes feel formulaic, making it so important to take the time to decide how to put the “you” in your wedding–and may we say, it’s fun, too!

Offering Your Favorite Foods

What’s your favorite cuisine? Whether it’s grilled cheese, pizza, or burgers, you can take any comfort food and transition it into elegant hors d’oeuvres or late-night snacks. Formal food is always classic and impressive, but you can select fare that you and your soon-to-be spouse love and make it a masterful and delicious part of your menu. Even your entrees can have a spin that showcases your tastes as a couple. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the often expected chicken or beef by exploring options with our chefs that are surprising and scrumptious.

Signature Cocktails

We all know that “a little party never killed nobody” thanks to the iconic F. Scott Fitzgerald, and who doesn’t love a fabulous cocktail? Make drinks that are entirely you and your spouse: your favorite spirits, bitters, garnishes and more. Come up with a name that fits, like The Bride’s Blossom Bellini, or the Groom’s Gin Fizz. The options for the names and the concoctions are endless!

Are your young kids part of the wedding? Instead of a Shirley Temple, name a few cool mocktails in their honor, and keep your sober guests in mind at the same time.

A Timeline of Your Love Story

Inviting guests to your wedding lets them be witnesses to the start of your marriage, but let’s be real–you may not know some of them, and they may not know you! Let them learn about your journey to the altar with a timeline of your love story. This can be displayed in so many ways, from a slideshow, to a beautifully done poster board. Include the dates of when and how you met, your first date, engagement, and any other special moments. 

Your Venue

Your wedding is one of a kind, and your venue should be also. Consider a setting that’s magical for the outdoors: our open-air chapel, the only one of its kind in Michigan. Looking for indoors only? With four ballrooms, the Lobby Bar, and the Celebrity Showroom, Crystal Gardens has every option you’re looking for, with the capability of hosting events of up to 1200 guests. Whatever your vision, let your venue reflect your personality and style.

Warm the Rings

Interested in a zero cost but priceless ritual? A ring warming ceremony is simple and gets everyone involved! Your wedding bands are passed at the ceremony to every person throughout each row, and they have a moment to “warm” the bands with a blessing, prayer, or wish. It’s a heartwarming way to make everyone feel involved and connected to you. Caution tip: have a trusted family member or wedding party member supervise!

Honoring Those Who Cannot Attend

The family that raised you and supported you are an integral part of you. Whether due to travel difficulties or passing on, openly honoring them at your wedding is a sweet way to thank them for everything. Photo tables are a popular option to showcase multiple people. You can also save them a seat at the ceremony, with a Reserved sign that explains who it’s for. Other ideas include using something they gave you on your wedding day, such as wine glasses, or putting something in your bouquet (a handkerchief around the stem, a pin in the ribbon). If you had a relative known for something incredibly loved, like Grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookies, you could even have the recipe card as part of the party favor. 

Personalized Signs

Can a party ever have too many fun signs? From photo booths with custom backgrounds, signs to hold and more, you can utilize your favorite things with little effort. Your favorite quotes can be on the programs, table makers, or menus. From flowing script banners or rustic wood boards, you can creatively highlight whatever you want: your initials, last name, and quotes. Want to do something even more fabulous? Consider a personalized aisle runner for your ceremony!

We’re excited to help you make your wedding reflect you and your soon to be spouse, and to make it everything you’ve dreamed of. Connect with our wedding planners now at Crystal Gardens to get more ideas and recommendations for your special day!