A Guide to Choosing from Among Many Amazing Michigan Wedding VenuesLast August, 2012, the New York Times’ Helaine Olen wrote a feature on the increasing popularity of intimate weddings versus extravagant ones. In recent years, more couples have been going for small weddings, even those who can obviously afford to have big ones. In fact, even billionaire and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg opted for a low-key wedding to his bride with less than 100 guests and catering from two local restaurants.

Subdued weddings allow more flexibility for different wedding aspects, including the venue. Now, couples don’t find anything wrong with getting married anywhere, whether in their own backyard or at any of the elegant Michigan wedding venues available. Ideally, weddings should still be organized, and wedding coordinators from established companies like Crystal Gardens Banquet Center can help couples sort things out in different areas like catering, lighting, DJ services, photography, and others.

Smaller weddings cut a great deal in costs, which is a plus for many couples in this downbeat economy. Weddings these days cost an average of $27,000, much higher in bigger cities like New York City and Bay Area. For some couples, a worry may probably be finding a venue with the romantic atmosphere they want, and intimately small wedding venues in Michigan like Crystal Gardens Banquet Center can readily offer this.

The fact that couples today have more demanding work schedules is another reason why low-profile weddings are popular. A small wedding means a minimal amount of things to iron out. It also means a chance to put their stamp on the wedding, like if they wish to have Michigan’s native sundrops instead of the usual white lilies for their centerpiece.

While couples have much say on how things go in intimate weddings, this doesn’t mean that guests are left out in the cold. The article says that small weddings also focus on guest experience as well. Some wedding venues in Michigan also make sure to have the guests’ comfort and satisfaction in mind.

These difficult times may have a silver lining for about-to-be-wed couples. They can have less hassle and less costs to worry about when they get married in a smaller setting. In return, guests are offered a much more unique and memorable experience, so it’s a win-win for both.