When it comes to your big day, the place you celebrate is one of the most important details. Choosing the right venue for your wedding sets the atmosphere for the whole celebration, so you want to choose wisely. Here are the seven questions you should ask when you’re on the hunt for your dream wedding venue. 

  1. Does the venue fit within your budget?
    Before you even dive into exploring wedding venues, you need to make a budget. Here’s a tip: break-down your overall budget by category and decide how much you want to put towards your venue. Figure out how much you have to spend on the space and what it will cost to execute your plans and design in that space. This will help give you realistic guidelines as you tour different venue options. It is helpful to contact multiple venues to get an idea for what an average venue might cost, before defining your budget. This will allow you to create an accurate budget based on realistic budget expectations.
  2. What kinds of services are offered at the venue?
    Piggybacking off of your budget, think about what features and services you want your venue to include. What will you—or won’t you—need to add? A full-service venue already has staff and restrooms, and the tables, chairs, linens and china are provided. Although a full-service venue that offers these things may cost more up-front, it may save you money (and stress and time!) in the end. If you choose a venue that is a blank canvas, you will need to rent every piece of equipment, and remember that some of those items (like linens, china, chairs) will most likely be pretty basic. If you want these pieces to match your theme you will probably end up paying extra to rent items that better fit your overall vision.
  3. Does the space compliment your vision and theme?
    When you’re touring venues, envision your wedding day: does the space align with your vision and theme? How will your decorations and colors look in the space? Is it aesthetically pleasing for pictures— think of the bride owning the room in her perfect wedding dress. We love to coordinate with the stylists at The Dress Shop to make sure that our brides and grooms have the full look they want on their big day. From top designer bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses, to mother-of-the-bride gowns and tuxedos, they can pull together the full look for your entire bridal party.Whether it’s a modern wedding in an art gallery or a rustic wedding in a barn, you want your venue to enhance your theme and you want to connect with the space you’re in. Look for special features within the venue that can make that happen, like special chapels or outdoor spaces. Crystal Gardens Banquet Center features the only open air chapel of its kind in Michigan. It features white padded chiavari chairs for 170 guests, standing room for additional guests, a sound system, lavaliers for the groom and officiant, and lighting and ceiling fans. This space is available for weddings from May through October. Some people choose this special air chapel to add an intimate and unique aspect to their wedding.
  4. Is this venue appropriate for your wedding date?
    When selecting your venue, makes sure you keep the date of your wedding in mind. If your spring, summer or fall wedding is outside, do you have a back-plan for a rainy day? If it’s in the winter, is the venue warm and well maintained so guests don’t have to lug through wet, heavy snow? Most importantly, make sure the date is available at the venue you want—you might need to book it far in advance.
  5. Is it big enough for your guest list?
    When you look at each venue, think about the size of your guest list. Will it fit everyone comfortably? Is there enough room for a dance floor? You want a space that can fit everyone so you don’t have to make cuts to who gets an invite, or worse, have to make cuts after the invites are sent because you picked a venue too small for your crowd. A lot of wedding venues have multiple spaces and rooms that are made for all different crowd sizes. Crystal Gardens features four ballrooms that can accommodate a whole range of group sizes: from an intimate group of 25 people to a party with up to 1,200 guests.
  6. Does it fit the needs of your guests?
    It’s also important to think about the guests when choosing a wedding venue. If they aren’t in the same place, consider the distance between the ceremony location and the reception location: if the two are more than a half hour apart, it’s nice to provide transportation. Are there hotels and accommodations close by so out of town guests have somewhere to stay? Think about parking—is it close by? Is it costly, or will you provide vouchers? These are things to think about so your guests enjoy the experience as much as you do.
  7. Does the venue have good reviews and a solid reputation?
    Do some research on the venues you are interested in: visit their website, read the reviews and testimonies of those who have had events there, ask locals who are familiar with its reputation. Your best resources are the people who have experienced an event at the venue, whether they were the host of the party or a guest.When you know the right questions to ask and the details to look for, finding and choosing your perfect wedding venue can be a breeze. Use your resources and plan ahead so you can land you dream venue for the biggest celebration of your life.

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