Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Most definitely, especially when you’re a summertime bride taking advantage of the beautiful highlights of the season! There are countless reasons why summer is so popular (starting with it not being freezing cold!) and the busiest time for nuptials. Gorgeous flowers, striking outdoor venues like our open-air chapel, and the ambiance of warmth and happiness in the air. Let us sway you into the summer mindset with our list of reasons why summer weddings are beneficial for you and your guests.

Traveling And Attending is Easier

Summer offers much more consistent weather, so the chances of flight cancellations for out of area guests are much lower. The odds are ever in your favor! Attendance is also traditionally higher since people are far more inclined to take a long weekend off work to come than in other months. Everyone is in the vacation mood when the sun is shining.

Late Night Benefits

Most brides will admit that finding time for those special pictures can be stressful: the day goes by so quickly! With the extra hours of daylight that summer brings, you have the advantage of great lighting and lots of time to utilize it. The summer scenery is also outstanding, so fair warning that your mantle is going to get a little cluttered from all the framed photos you want to cherish after your wedding.

Are you a night owl? Due to those hazy crazy lazy days of summer, you’ll have a party atmosphere that goes long into the evening! While winter months make us all want early bedtimes and comfy clothes, a summer night keeps the fun going. Dress attire can also be more fun and colorful. Set the stage for an unforgettable party when you pick a summer date.

Fresh Food and Fresh Flowers

Farms are in the peak season for produce! Imagine the amazing menu selections you can offer with in-season options. A farm-to-table approach is so much more possible in the summertime and a fantastic way to support local vendors. There’s an abundance of fruits and veggies that can be used for appetizers, snacks, main courses, and let’s not forget, garnishes for cocktails.

There’s also a dazzling array of floral options in the summer. The brightest blooms of the season are available and often found at local markets and florists. You can really make the flowers a focal point of your big day and not limit yourself on what’s available. Hint: you can also find edible flowers that can be used in drinks or frozen in ice: roses, lavender, and marigolds, to name a few. Imagine those Instagram worthy concoctions!

Endless Outdoor Options

Are you being forced to invite–oops, we mean, are you excited to invite a bunch of parents with (loud) little children? Then it’s time to proactively come up with spots for those sweet kiddos to play. With a summer wedding, you can do outdoor games that will keep the children happy and away from your white dress (six feet of distance from that gorgeous gown and sticky-fingered young ones is vital). Parents will be in heaven if their kiddos are busy bouncing away in a rented bounce house, or even playing with toys like hula-hoops, bowling games, chalk, or jump ropes. 

Adults will be just as entertained by outdoor happenings! From a DIY s’mores station to corn hole or a badminton game, you can find tons of ideas that lighten the mood and bring out the laughs. 

Save Money

That’s right, summer offers savings, too! With a summer wedding, let Mother Nature do the decorating! You’ll be able to save money by using the season’s already existing beauty instead of putting tons of funds into decor. The fresh foods and flowers are also going to be less expensive and easier to obtain. Even for dining it can make a difference: it’s often said that unlike winter weddings with heavy meals, summer weddings are lighter in food and therefore cost. Summer presents savings in so many ways!

Not only are we happy to book summer dates for next year and beyond, but we have availability for this summer. Why wait? Your dream wedding can absolutely take place in just a few months with the experienced staff of Crystal Gardens on your side. Impossible simply isn’t in our vocabulary (and as Audrey Hepburn wisely said, “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible!”. And in this case, that’s your big day!). 

No matter the season, we’re here to make your wedding timeless. Ready to find your dream date? Connect with our event coordinators now at Crystal Gardens!