LGBT Weddings in Michigan

Let us make your LGBT wedding in Michigan picture perfect, from start to finish. You and your partner can relax and enjoy as we handle all of the details for your special day – from a ceremony to reception, our experienced and professional staff are here to cater to all LGBT weddings.

How we can make your wedding dreams come true?

Picture Perfect LGBT Wedding Services

At Crystal Gardens Banquet Center, we recognize love in all its forms so we are more than happy to assist in all aspects of your LGBT wedding in Michigan. We can provide an open air chapel for the ceremony and you can choose among our banquet halls for the reception.

We can also provide quality catering services for an off-premise reception, in a style that fits your vision — from the exquisite food to the striking displays.

We have been in the catering and event industry long enough to have the experience and professionalism to turn this milestone in your life into one remarkable occasion.

So you can trust us to take care of the details of your wedding ceremony and reception.

For inquires about Michigan LGBT wedding preparations, please fill out our contact form or call us today.

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