A Timeline Of All Pre-Wedding Parties

Champagne toast

In the midst of wedding planning, you might find yourself focused on all the details and time it will take to design the perfect ceremony and reception. While giving so much attention to your big day, you may forget about the handful of pre-wedding parties that will be held in your honor. From engagement parties […]

Romantic Michigan Honeymoon Spots

Sunset on the water

Instead of splurging on an elaborate honeymoon, many couples choose to stick close to home in order to save money. When you live in (or near) The Great Lake State, you don’t have to say no to a beautiful vacation just to save a little money.  Michigan has 3,288 miles of gorgeous shoreline, offering a […]

Second Wedding Dos and Don’ts

Happy friends and family at a wedding party

If you’re getting married for the second time, congratulations! You might find yourself a little nervous about what kind of wedding you should have, wanting to celebrate the love between you and your future spouse without going overboard. But don’t stress!  Before you drive yourself crazy wondering what you should and shouldn’t do, check out […]

Wedding Traditions That Are Dying Off

Father of the bride walking his daughter down the aisle

Marriage has changed a lot since the days when a wedding was seen as a way to transition a young woman from her father’s care to her husband’s. Although the sentiments behind a wedding ceremony have changed, the celebrations themselves have remained largely the same…until recently.  As our views of marriage evolve, there are certain […]